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We were not happy at all! They could never find my son's chart so they had no idea what needed to be done. On his 2nd visit they were supposed to be placing on his device, but once again they couldn't find his chart. They almost made his mold for his device. Luckily the lady that made his mold remembered him and stopped the process. I was with my son on his first visit and my husband was there on 2nd visit so he was unaware of the process. When paying that much money one should be able to send in her son with confidence knowing the professionals know what they are doing.

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One of the best times yet.

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Marin Thank you, it is always great to see you at your visits. Dr Chiakowsky's Ortho Team. :-)

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We got a very uncomfortable experience and wanted to go with a different ortho. They always had no appts in Riversides I had to drive to San Bernandino twice and was very far for me.

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I was not happy with the organization of the paperwork. For my son's 1st appointment they could not locate his file. Then when my husband took him to get his device they didn't know why he was there because the chart was missing again. They almost redid his mold rather than placing his retainer. Was very disappointed

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Way to go Dr Lee your the best and we are very excited for you god bless you

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Thanks, Christina the Orthodontic team is also very excited and pleased for Dr Lee.

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Everyone so nice and friendly as always !

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Matthew, Thank you for your kind words. Dr. Chiakowsky's ortho team.

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My experience with Dr Farrage was a very good one. I chose to have a retainer made for use during sleep after a clear conversation with the Dr. When my retainer was ready I went to my appointment and was fitted. Later that I found that the retainer did not fit well and that it irritated my gum at one point. On my scheduled returned visit Dr Farrage was able to correct the fitting within 3 minutes. I was then told to schedule a 3 month follow up. This is the point in time where my experience went from very good service to an EXTREME fail. The office assistant explained to me that the Dr had "graduated" me... so that on my 3 month follow up appt there would be a $65.00 fee. When I explained what had occured with my appliance the secretary became quite rude and m atter of fact, I rebutted that I had paid just under $400.00 for this appliance and find this "fee" to be so outrageous that I DEFINITELY will not be making a follow up appt. As happy as I am with the Drs care... he is also currently my daughters orthodontist, I find his receptionist to have VERY poor customer servive skills. Unfortunately when people work as a team it can reflect negatively on a very competent Dr.

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Always an excellent experience. The staff, dentists and orthodontist are always patient, gental and friendly. Thank you Hospitality Dental!

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Thank you

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It was very welcoming and informative

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Thank you, we are always here to help you.

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Alas I thought, a Dental Office with a well thought out atmosphere and friendly caring environment. The staff a bit stern but i'll take the trade off. My body smiled as I walked through the hall on my way to a chair, fore I loved the clean coordinated office. My only real complaint is the cost. Everything I inquired about was "over the top" compared to other offices i'd consulted. Pitty the person who doesn't have insurance or who are paying for non-dental coverage items. Just to get a teeth cleaning, I was told x-rays and other stuff would have to be done. Well that killed it for me. So my search continues.

Hospitality Orthodontics replied:

Thank you for your comments regarding your visit in our office. We will make sure to review this with our staff.