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What others had to say

5 stars Verified customer

I can't say enough good things about Mark and his team at Howes Tax. Mark has assisted me with various tax issues over the years, including filing back taxes from previous years and has always completed my taxes quickly and with as much maximum benefit to me as possible. The whole team is great, friendly and super responsive.

5 stars Customer since 2011

As a small business owner, I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Mark Howes and his team. My husband also owns a small business and uses their services. In addition to helping each of us with our business taxes, Mark and his team have been influential in helping me get to the point where my bookkeeping is kept up to date, I have budgets in place, and the financial piece of my business is now feeling as fruitful and exciting as the rest of my business. Thank you, Mark and the Howes Tax Team! I am so glad I found you!

1 stars Customer since 2013

Howes Tax is poor at communicating with their customers. Numerous attempts and much effort on my part at contacting them, repeated reminders by myself to Howes Tax led to nowhere and one tax fine of approx $200.00

There were two major Book-keeping errors picked up by me. When I pointed this out to Howes, the matter was ignored and I was repeatedly asked "when can we start on your tax returns"

When I told them I couldn't work with them, I was simply sent an invoice.

My new accountant has since picked up further book-keeping errors!


5 stars Customer since 2013

I've been with Howes Tax since Mark formed his own firm for my personal and business returns. Mark and his staff have done an exceptional job understanding my unique tax situation with two small business and some non-traditional investments.

The team is friendly, responsive to questions and they resolve any issues quickly. They put in a great effort to minimize my taxes while avoiding the red flags for the IRS.

The fees are clear and very reasonable for the time and effort they dedicate to my returns.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Good team to work with. Responsive to requests and pricing was fair.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I am very satisfy, and happy to be a costumer to Howes Tax.

They are very professional and friendly.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I have had a great experience with all of the staff at Howes Tax. I would recommend them to anyone.

4 stars Verified customer

Mark and his team are personable, reliable, and a great source of tax and business information. I have recommended them in the past and continue to do so. They have provided Tutorpedia with foundational support to grow our small business.

5 stars Verified customer

I have used Howes Tax for a couple of years. They always provide great service and have in depth knowledge about complicated taxes returns, like mine. Plus, they have great online tools for reviewing your tax papers.

1 stars Customer since 2013

Mr. Howes was a very kind man and we had a nice introduction meeting. It was very brief as I am a small business and my taxes are simple.

This was my first time working with him as he had been recommended to me by a friend.

Unfortunately after our initial sit down meeting at his office, I barely heard from him at all.

E-mails were lost, calls went unanswered and when I finally did hear from someone from his firm, it was a different person every single time without the slightest clue what I was speaking about.

I had the impression that if I wasn't on top of them every minute, nothing would've been accomplished... and this was after I had already paid for the service.

Once my taxes were eventually finished I later received another bill from the IRS stating I owe even more... obviously Howes Tax had made a mistake.

I hate to give a bad review, but I hate even more to pay for something that doesn't get done well.

Perhaps in the future the staff will become more organized, but as for now I would personally not recommend Howes Tax to anybody.