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The service was fast, polite & effective,

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HTH Engineering is exceptional from start to finish. Customer service team is always friendly and delivery is quick. I look forward to continuing business with them.

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I do not know how anyone could implement the use of the Dragon Medical 1 without the personal attention of the HTH coaching staff. I am a long-term Dragon Med Practice user (and a heavy user at that) and expected to slip right in to use of the new version without much trouble. Wrong! I am frankly frustrated and disappointed in the product, but I give full credit to all the help I am getting from HTH. In the long run, with HTH help, I expect to succeed but so far I see a scheme by Nuance to spike the price and provide new levels of frustration with no enhancement of any value to me. Currently, HTH engineers are working to try to translate my vocabulary and commands from the old version to the new so hopefully, that will facilitate my use.

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From start to finish my experience was exceptional. I had an issue and the Tech that I spoke with was able to fix it in a timely and professional manner.

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Sales explanation was full and answered all additional questions posed.

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my initial 1-star rating was based on a bad shipping experience that was the fault of the cheap and disorganized shipping company they use here in Canada.

Dealing with customer service at Start-Stop was a breeze of fresh air.

They were responding fast and helped out with the situation as much as they could.

1 stars Customer since 2022

You guys are serious?

Sending me a review email before having been able to ensure delivery of the product?

The customer service team is playing me for the fool in the game by telling me daily that the delivery issue will be solved.

It hasn't.

This was a disaster of a transaction.

A nightmare.

4 stars Verified customer

I cannot give a proper rating because up to several months ago your system was fabulous but then I lost the function of my foot pedal accompanied by a dialogue box noting my driver had failed. My backup foot pedal, the same model, likewise refused to work. Both were part of the original package that I purchase some years ago.

Though your staff tried to address the problem, even remotely reloading the driver, the problem was never cured.

I engaged my "geek" to remotely go through my system to see if the problem could be identified and rectified, to the tune of over $150+ in fees.

As you will see in your records, he even joined in these communications with your support staff member, Chris, who, to his credit, also tried his best to see what could be done, again, without satisfying results.

Since I relied on your system for supplementing my income and could no longer use it, I was forced to remove your system altogether and switch to an Olympus unit.

Of the two, yours was and remains my preference and still wish I could have it but with no other option, I was forced to move on.

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You continue to amaze by your quick, efficient, and customer-focused service.

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prompt delivery