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I think my feelings have been well communicated to the people I have worked with, but as a business owner myself, I understand that the bad reviews are almost more important to hear than the good ones. My order was very late, it ended up costing more than what I was told, communication was poor, and although I understand there were issues with files and printing, those are not my problems as a customer. And in that scenario, I would expect some follow up or communication as to why problems are occurring. Each time, I was the one who had to call to find out what the hold up was, there was no initiative on your company's part. Problems happen in business, that's the way it goes. But it's how you make it right that ultimately determines the resolution. The effort on your company to make things right was lackluster. As a result of miscommunication of the order, you accidently printed 2000 sheets of letterhead instead of the 1000 that I ordered. On top of that, 1000 of which were shipped to a Memphis office, and I received 1000 of theirs. So the "making it right" was giving me the additional 1000 that were printed on accident, that you were already out money on, as long as I paid the higher price on the first 1000 and the $8 shipping cost to get the other 1000 from Memphis to my office. Telling me that you were going to go through the effort of printing an extra 1000 to be shipped to me at no cost would have been a sufficient resolution in my eyes. But to "do me the favor" of sending paper that you printed in error and were already out the money on that you probably would have set on a shelf until my next order, and then asking me to pay for eight bucks in shipping because you sent them to an office 400 miles away seems like a quintessential nickle-and-dime scenario. I am not saying that I will never do business with you again, but our business relationship is on a short-leash and I expect superior service on subsequent orders.

Integrated Marketing LLC. replied:

Bryan, we apologize for the mishandling of the order, It's not a typical occurring issue nor a great way to start off. After review, the CSR wasn't suppose to charge shipping, and the issue wasn't escalated to management and the process has been corrected. We Thank you for your honesty and would like to offer you a $50.00 credit for your next order. We hope to earn your business as we do appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

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This was my first experience with this company and I must say they are very efficient. I would recommend them for sure.

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I didn't have any problems with Integrated Marketing. I did call and was very pleased with the service I received.

One thing, the email was sent to me, Theresa Armstrong, but addressed to Tammy Skulte, the past president of WCHS Athletic Boosters.

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Tony is great! They do excellent work

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Valerie is very professional and helpful, answering all of my questions in a very timely manner. She makes working with Integrated Marketing easy to do.

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I was very impressed with the design team-they had my proof out to me quickly and made changes as needed. Very prompt and willing to help!