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equipment is not avaliable. . clause in contract makes you keep paying

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not very favorable...

When dressing/undressing/showering in the ladies locker room, the door is continually open.

This is unacceptable and needs to be corrected.

Additionally, the trainers are great, however there are not enough trainers available in the time slot (6-7) in the evening, Saturday afternoons or Sunday. I try to make it there 3 times a week, but it is a challenge.

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The music is kept at ear splitting levels to counter act the banking of the weights

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To be honest the island gym in ventnor is just terrible., the equipments are old and in bad condition., they need to upgrade most of them... Really disappointed...,

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Great gym

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Way too many people for the limited amount of space and equipment. Not nearly enough of anything. No space to workout in, way too many personal training going on taking up a large amount of a very limited compliment of equipment. Not enough attention paid to actual paying members. Not a gym at all, more like a Retro or Planet Fitness.

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Basically the worst gym in south Jersey! I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE SIGNS UP !

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HOT HOT HOT I came for the zumba class, which I normally take in Absecon. In Absecon they have 3 large stand fans in the aerobic room and in Ventnor just one and that is used by the instructor. Two small ceiling fans. So, I found it very uncomfortable, hot and steamy.

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I like the guy have been a member for 11 yrs but they really need to buy need treadmills. Sometimes out of the 12 treadmills there only 5 are working. Some are old machines and should be upgraded.

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I have been a member of island gym for nearly ten years and as such feel well qualified to give this review.

Following the reconfiguration last year, the amount of space available to squat and deadlift has declined precipitously. On more than one occasion, I have witnessed someone step off of the military press, and inadvertently collide with another member who is squatting. There is less than two feet between these two stations. I once witnessed a male member walk into and knock over a female member who was squatting. She was visibly injured following the incident. The reconfiguration essentially took the lifters who are lifting the heaviest weights and need the most space, and put them into the tightest corner of the gym. Additionally you often see lifters deadlifting, doing cleans, or barbell rows in the aisle in between the incline press and the leg press because there is no dedicated spot for such lifts elsewhere. It is only a matter of time before a member is injured.

Further the gym is in need of new equipment. There are not enough olympic bars for the amount of stations requiring same. The gym does not have a trap/hex bar, a piece of equipment most other gyms have (JCC, Ocean Side, etc). The trap bar is beneficial as it allows members with preexisting back injuries to deadlift and squat without putting stress onto their spines. I have made several written requests for one over the years. There were at least two broken treadmills today (7/14/14) and the rowing machine's monitor has not worked for at least six months. Additionally it is inconvenient that the only mats on which members can do abs are located in the fit-x room. it was much more accommodating when the mats were located outside this enclosed space. My suggestion would be to remove the desk and put a new set of mats there.

Additionally I think the gym could benefit greatly from having a few yoga classes per week, either in the morning, or at night. I would gladly pay for such classes.

All in all the gym is convenient and inexpensive, and I would recommend it to my friends. However, over the last year or so i have felt as though the gym has become geared more toward enrolling new members, or members into fit-x than it is providing working equipment to its users. The space devoted to fit-x, which is often empty or near empty, would be better allocated to giving more space to the members who are lifting weights.