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3 stars Customer since 2014

Upon my last visit recently, I was surprised to find an all new staff. Although they were great, personable and professional, it seemed a bit unorganized.

Before my last visit,I had only been to Dr.Mahooti in the past and he is awesome. Unfortunately, Dr. Mahooti was not available for this appointment.

After a three hour appointment for a crown and filling, I was not happy with the results. The crown is small in comparison to the my other teeth. It does not look right and it also negatively affects my bite.

I hope they will be kind enough to rectify it for me as I would like to give them another chance.

1 stars Customer since 2004

I have been a patient of Dr Mahooti for more than 10 years. I wasn't notified that he had retired and I would have a new dentist. I had a problem and was told when I made my appointment that I would see a new dentist. When I arrived I was required to fill out information as if I was a new patient. When the assistant placed me in the chair and took an exray, he did not introduce himself. I had to ask whether he was the dentist. I was told I needed a cyst and wisdom tooth removed and have the cyst tested for cancer. They took a 3 D x ray. We didn't make a new reservation as they wanted to submit the info to my insurance and call me. After a couple days I called them and asked for an update. They told me they could do it the next day and the deductible would be $100 and I agreed and changed ny work schedule. Later that day they called me and left a message that the deductible would be $1000. The next day I called them to find out more and they told me the deductible would be $3000. I think this is the amount that 02 was going to charge above what my insurance would pay under contract with a PPO. So I decided to try to find a PPO oral surgeon. O2 dentistry charged me $125 to give me a copy of the xray.

4 stars Verified customer

Not sure what's going on with this office. Looks like the old staff was fired, all of them in a very short period of time. All new staff is working there now and Dr. Mahooti is never around anymore either. I used to love this office, but now it's a totally different feeling. I didn't even get a toothbrush after my cleaning anymore. I'll continue going there for now and see how it goes.

4 stars Customer since 2010

I like Dr. Mahooti a lot and am disappointed that he is out until Jan 2015 or so. I would have liked to have him handle my crown, but Dr. Osmolinski did a good job as well. My previous visit I had to wait almost an hour before having to reschedule b/c an emergency case cased my delay in getting in. I was very unhappy as I just wanted to get my procedure done, but had to wait a week before coming back. The receptionist did her best to help and I appreciate that. Also, on previous visits it seemed like there were a lot of new people who maybe were still in school or training and they were not so efficient and had a lot of trouble with the x-rays. I'm hoping my next visits are better. I really liked Manny the dental assistant. He was the best part of the appt and he made me feel comfortable.

3 stars Customer since 2010

I went in for a deep cleaning on the second side of my jaw (I had the first side worked on the previous week). The dental hygienist that attended me this time was quite different from the first. She did not wait long enough for the initial numbing to take place before injecting me with more anesthesia. I felt the injections much more than the first time. When I mentioned this to her, she said, "Oh, you're GOING to feel this." I remarked that last time, in fact, I did not. Her reply, "Well, we each do things differently."

The first hygienist offered me splash-guard glasses to use during the procedure, which helped. The second hygienist did not. The difference was quite noticeable. The first hygienist offered me earplugs to combat the high-frequency cleaning; the second didn't. The first kept checking in with me on a regular basis to see if I was doing well; the second didn't.

So, yes, they each do things regularly.

The second hygienist seemed to work more efficiently, as I was finished sooner with her, than with the first. However, I still feel sore (this is Wednesday at 8:30am, and I had the procedure on Monday at 4:30pm) days later, compared to the first visit. I would rather trade comfort for speed any day.

The onus is on me, then, to ask to be worked on by a particular dental hygienist in the future.

Besides this, the front office was very efficient; I was admitted and charged quickly. Afterward I was given a flexible schedule for a follow-up.

5 stars Customer since 2010

The work was done quickly, and pain-free.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Dr. Osmolinski was very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout. She seems very knowledgeable and made quick work of my two fillings. The dental assistants I interacted with were great and the change of the front desk staff has been positive.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Everyone was really nice and made sure my comfort was their top priority.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Great staff!!!

1 stars Verified customer

The incompetent newly-hired dental hygienist broke my son's braces wire. she had to run to the new doctor for help. He glued it back for a temporary fix, then charged the fee to our regular dental cleaning bill. Due to their unprofessional attitude, I demand for :

1. Show me a sterilization record of the dental instruments they used on my son. (A mother's worst nightmare)

2. Pay for the actual cost to have our Orthodontics fix the wire.

3. Take out the incurred charges that was not our fault.

How will we teach our next generation to be responsible when one day they become a professional in any trade? They broke the wire, instead of fixing it to the full extend, they put the charges on us. Is this kind of immoral, irresponsible attitude healthy for our young impressionable children and society? Be warned! Don't go to this dental office!