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As always, Dr. Simon was very professional, attentive and courteous. He is always on top of research developments in the field and takes time to answer questions and give advice. He listens to one's concerns very attentively and is very gentle during the examination. He is the best gynecologist I've had in the US and Europe. His staff is also very pleasant. The only (small) issue was that I had to wait a long time in the waiting room. But Dr. Simon apologized for the delay.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Lucy Treene and the staff are the best of the best of the best. Every time I go, I feel exuberant that I found Lucy and this office.

They are such incredible care givers, and will answer any question you have, no matter the time it takes.

I recommend this office to every friend I have.

5 stars Customer since 2017

as a behavioral scientist ,who have done numerous studies in medical field ,learning about all kinds of unethical things that some people in the industry do, Also having experienced what I known to be a form of over board or overzealous attempt in treating what ever was ailing me. Upon my initial ,sit down face to face consultation, Dr. Rachel Rubin , briefed me on what her entire mode or direction of how she plans to give the best treatment to me as possible, then she followed up as, she said she would in next meeting , by providing me with visuals and explained in details about everything that I needed to know about my situation, Seriously, (in my mind I was amazed as to see a medical Doctor now a days practicing and treated a patient ,with such person respect ,while maintain her role as the one who do have the ability to get a good results .She was precise in explaining th direction she was taking to treat my situation that I felt like I was participating with the entire process, not as a patient ,but as a person who needed to understand ,what was my problem in the first place, then I became a willing patient and dropped skeptical attitude about seeing any Doctor who didn't have , what ", psy, Dr. Daniel Goldman , Suggest that most physicians don't have "Emotional Intelligence", towards their patents .basically it's, when a Doctor is concerned with the entire wellbeing of their patient . After my first visit with Dr. Rachel S. Rubin, I can tell from that first meeting this kind of physician is rare now a days, because I am from the early baby boomer era where my family had our own personal doctor who we trusted that would take care of us , compared to now a day system that farm out every area of your body where each person gets paid at the expense of worsts out come for patients(I witness this) or even at risk losing a patient(I witness this also).Never the less my experience with Dr. Rubin have given me my own positive out look on my situation because she is completely fully engage in my entire being, she is the one and only medical physician I have met(Being 100% disabled , believe me I saw many Dr.)that fully display the "Emotional Intelligence," that Dr. Daniele Goldman Suggest that the medical should have. I really love her concern for making sure that at least there will be the best out come that we can have concerning my issue. even after my last visit I had to tell me girlfriend about how enamored with the idea that I found a doctor who holistically are involved in problem. according to my research, it was found that when the patient and the doctor both are optimistic about a positive out come treating a patients condition, the higher the success rate for the patient's. One Last thing I must say about Dr. Rubin that she needs to be commended her, with her unbridled interest in the concerns of her patience, that Characteristic needs to be taught or trained in the newer medical doctors , because I don't believe that the medical industry don't place enough value on Physicians having positive mental attitude's towards treating their patients right. Dr. Rubin got my vote, and I have already started making my suggesting to any one that may need to see some with in her area of practice. Again , With out over stating this , Dr. Rachel S. Rubin.md, gave me hope and proof that not all Doctors are not alike., The bottom line is Dr. Rachel S Rubin, does what so many Doctors now a days fails to do, and that is to again use, "Emotional Intelligence ",when treating their patients.,

5 stars Customer since 2016

Very helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable practitioners and staff.

5 stars Verified customer

Extremely good and listening and at diagnosis; caring, sensitive treatment well-explained.

5 stars Verified customer

As always I felt comfortable with the doctor who is not only very capable and professional but also good "bedside manner". His tech was friendly and with Dr Simon provided excellent care.

5 stars Verified customer

Lucy is absolutely the best medical professional I know.

5 stars Verified customer

Carol was thorough and caring as always; made sure all my questions and concerns were resolved.

5 stars Verified customer

All my interactions with the staff were very pleasant, whether over the phone or in person. I was very impressed with Lucy Treene and felt that she really listened to me and was very warm, knowledgeable and helpful.

4 stars Customer since 2015

It is always a pleasant visit to see Lucy. She is very friendly, patient, and resourceful. At Dr. James Simon's office, I do feel that I get the enough time and attention to ask questions about myself, and my health, rather than being put on the assembly line to be checked and passed. People here make sure the visit is useful and comfortable for the patients.

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