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Jessica Todd

Also in Portsmouth


Harvey Family Dentistry

5 stars 4 reviews

Very thorough. Explained everything in detail and so I could weigh my options regarding implant procedures.
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Smile Design Center

5 stars 478 reviews

I was and am an 87 year old patient at Smile Design Center who has had his teeth maintained by a few dentists over the years,- most all were good, a few disappointments. I have been with my current dentists since day one when he joined his father's practice, and have been more than satisfied with for over 20 years, and I have had much more than the routine dental procedures- like root canals, implants, and a gingivectomy that was a horrible experience when every bit of my diseased gums, upper and lower, front and back was trimmed and stitched by a specialist because of my neglect. So I have been worked over by a few of the best, and now I am ready to admit that Dr. Bonner has his biggest fan, totally impressed by the way he evaluated my problem,set up a procedure he would follow, including pre-operative and post operation instructions. He covered everything, went by the book, did it all, and for me it was less painless than a tooth cleaning. I am so amazed at his creative style as he extracted my splintered front tooth,then with the skill of a watchmaker did the implant with several dentists watching the procedure asking questions and to my benefit, and with my OK attached an abutment and formed a temporary tooth that was an unbelievable accomplishment. All this was the result of some of the dentist who were learning a procedure and asked for more. All of this he did with the audience and answering every question they threw at him. So I close by saying I know very little about dentistry, but I sure know when I have confidence enough to be trusting someone's judgement. Dr. Bonner, his KAT system, his talented devoted staff appear to have revolutionized dentistry. Last comment: I never experienced pain, nor did I require even an aspirin. Thanks Dr. Bonner, thanks to the Smile Design Center Staff. Frank Zazzera
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