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Very professional staff

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The dentists and staff are great!

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2 teeth pulled and Dr. RENDI was so professional and so was her staff.

5 stars Customer since 2017

2 teeth pulled, I took the pain meds last night this morning everything is fine. Dr. Rendi was so professional and her staff as well. Can't believe I'm out of pain. Thank you so much.

4 stars Customer since 2010

Very professional people, friendly and helpful, from the front desk to the chair, and the equipment was quite up-to-date, sparkling clean and I was positively impressed with everything - I was given a short form to fill out and then whisked away for X-rays and a physical examination of my teeth, followed by recommendations and approximate pricing for each recommendation (prices for procedures were comparable to those in other Springfield dental clinics) - then immediately set up with a meeting (for the following week) to determine what discount (if any) I might be qualified for -

One problem is that there are so many people needing this service...the facilities really should be expanded as much as possible and as soon as possible - My visit was on October 19th, and the first available appointment to have the extractions/fillings recommended was in January, almost three months distant! This waiting time really needs to be shortened, as many people (like myself) have abscesses and other painful situations that need more immediate attention -

Another problem I encountered was the lack of information on what would be required in order to get started on the program - I did not know that Medicare requires a monthly co-pay in order to activate the program, nor did I know that there would be a co-pay in order to have the first visit - fortunately, I had enough cash with me, but I can see many times that would not have happened - perhaps Jordan Valley could have some pamphlets provided that would contain this information, and have the pamphlets available BEFORE a person spends twenty minutes waiting to see the dental receptionists.

Finally, I wonder about the computer system being utilized - I have Medicare/Medicaid and also am enrolled in an Anthem HMO - Neither Medicare or Medicaid covers dental procedures, but the Anthem plan I am enrolled in does cover over $200 per quarter dental, with zero copays and zero paydown - so I do not understand why none of this information was available at the reception desk, and I will be checking with Anthem to find out why I was charged the fees previously mentioned.

5 stars Verified customer

all the staff were wonderful. The dentist and assistant did a great job of explaining what they were doing as they went along which helped to lower my kiddos anxiety. The check in process could be a little faster.as the chaotic play are was directly in front of the check in area leaving the line a bit too much for my kiddo. She became a little escalated. The check-in staff was not grasping my point of expediting the check in to get my kiddo away from that area. She later caught on.

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Attentive and expedient service.

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Zac is a wonderful person to work with ! As he goes a lot for his patients ! He makes sure you are comfortable , that your Dendures needed to fit you good also he is very patient and understanding and he makes sure that you understand what to expect for that visit ! Also the dentist is very nice and very professional too she also makes sure that everything is okay and that the Dendures are fitting properly !

5 stars Customer since 2016

The staff was incredible, I love how friendly and empathetic they are. They are the true definition of great bedside manner!

5 stars Customer since 2015

Fast and efficient! Doctor K was very kind and took his time to really check my teeth. I love Jordan Valley.