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I have been trying to get my repairs, repaired for over a year. In November 2011 I took my truck to Just Brakes in Lubbock, Texas to have new brakes put on because my job was taking me out of town. About $700.00 later once they replaced the calipers, seals, bearings, rotors and of course brakes, I realized my brakes not only screamed when I applied them, but my ABS light was on. I took it back in three separate times before they quietened the brakes, but they couldn't figure out why my ABS stayed on. Finally I had to move to my jobsite location, which was 6 hours away, but I kept in touch with them. I returned in April and took it in. The NEW management didn't know me and said it would take approximately $600.00 to replace the bearings, seals AND the part that makes the ABS light come on, which was broken by this shop. And of course it was out of warranty as well, (Just Brakes' materials and labor must only be good for a year) anyway, they said I couldn't prove I had been talking to Kirby and Jeffery, the previous managment at this sight, so there was nothing they could do. Please people, do a lot of research before you take your vehicle to ANY Just Brakes.