89.3% would refer friends and family to us

2 stars Customer since 2012

I arrived at an appointment I scheduled 2 weeks prior to complete new slide paperwork only to find the person was not in the office today

5 stars Customer since 2018

Very friendly and very professional

5 stars Customer since 2011

Dr. Callie Pearson is a top notch provider I do highly recommend regularly to people I know and meet!

1 stars Customer since 2017

I did not have a good experience at the medical tower I went in for a annual appointment I had just got off work I work at a place were you get dirty I didn't have time to go home and shower I set all appointments after I get off work to avoid missing work I got there and was dirty from work and was really wore out didn't wash up in the bathroom or anything yes I should have but like I said I was tired from work anyway I get in the room with the nurse not sure what his name was but he asked if I just got off work I said yes he said you should of cleaned up I said yeah I worked all day barely made it here on time he said how long did you wait in the waiting room I said for a lil bit he said well now your going to wait longer cause I have to clean your arm off I said sorry busy day he just kept going on about it I apologized again he looked at me and said well it's common since I told him I'm good I'm leaving don't even worry about it I already payed the bill there and didn't get scene because the nurse talked down to me like that I really couldn't believe he went about like he did he could of said hey do you mind going to the restroom and cleaning up a lil anyway I can't say it's anything to do with the place itself Jordan valley is a very good place to go they help in alot of areas help out if you can't pay and things like that but I don't appreciate being talked to like that I will give Jordan valley a five out if five but that nurse gets a negative ten

5 stars Customer since 2015

I really appreciate the kindness JV at the medical tower offers. All of the staff are kind and understanding and they seem like they actually care to a level. I love my doctor Callie!

5 stars Verified customer

My visit was timely with friendly and efficient staff.

4 stars Verified customer

I love my doctor(Pearson) but hate the billing issues. On the slide scale but keep getting my appointments coded incorrectly and charged more. Doc intervened today and made sure was charged correctly but my husband has been having the same issue at the main Jordan Valley facility on Tampa ave.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Friendly staff and prompt service

5 stars Customer since 2015

Appointment was really easy to get and everything I needed was taking care of

5 stars Customer since 2019

The staff is flvery friendly and helpful.....