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First off, I would like to compliment Theresa on being such a professional on the phone. I spoke with her 3 times before deciding to take one of our kitties there. My husband actually did the pickup and drop off, since this location is down the street from his office. He had nothing but great things to say. Minimal wait time, everyone was friendly, the facility was spotless and well organized. This was the first kitty we brought in and based on how she was treated overall and how well she healed, we will be bringing in several more kitties. That said, I was disappointed that after making it abundantly clear that the kitty we brought in was an indoor cat, they still hacked the end of her ear off. This would make sense IF she were a catch and release kitty, who would need to be identified as already sterilized, in the outdoors. However, I made it known both on the phone and in her surgical notes that she was a rescue that had been with us a month. That she was living indoors and went so far as to explain that we even have an actual cattery built onto the back of our home, for our cats. Also, just because a cat is a rescue, does not mean they should have to come in, in a trap. Catching a cat in a trap is one thing, but having them live indoors for awhile and then being forced to put them back in a trap, just to bring them in to be spayed or neutered, is not something that should apply to every cat. It is traumatic for the cat. As a known feral cat rehabber and expert (book, website, public speaking on the subject), I get bringing in a newly caught feral, while still in the trap. But to tell a customer to put a tame/friendly cat (just because the cat came from outside) back into a trap doesn't make any sense. Note: If any cat is afraid to come out of a crate, it can be tilted sideways and the cat can be sedated through the holes in the side of the crate. We aren't supposed to paint all people with the same brush. Let's not do it to animals, either.

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Everyone was wonderful. One of the best clinics I have ever visited.

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everyone is always friendly in the office and over the phone. I am glad I found this place.

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Tilly was given the best of care!! Her exam revieled acdition unknown to previous Vet or myself. This is the place to take beloved animal

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Very Pleasant to work with, Technician was great when we were brought in to have the Spaying process done On Mia, Only issue was with a previous billing issue from 2 years ago with another dog we had that we showed proof we paid before leaving the office on that day and they marked it as an outstanding balance, but in 2 years never sent any invoice regarding the outstanding balance.

other then that, the doctors and Techs always handled our pets with professional care and never had a negative experience.

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Picked up heartworms meds with no problem

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Staff is very helpful and incredibly kind. They go above and beyond even when they are very busy.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Always clean, always comfortable, everyone is so nice & professional.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Good customer service

5 stars Customer since 2018

Great customer service; great stuff and good prices.