93.9% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

The therapist do an excellent job always ask how her like the pressure and I always leave feeling very relaxed

2 stars Verified customer

I can honestly (although regrettably) say that I had the worst spa/facial experience of my life at Kanna Spa. My mom had booked a City Life Facial for me (and a Swedish Massage for her) as a birthday treat. Based on the reviews I had read (and the high price of the facial: $135) I had expected a high quality spa experience and facial. Unfortunately I was unlucky enough to have Leslie as my facialist and ended up with an incredibly uncomfortable experience, so uncomfortable in fact that I ended up leaving half-way through the facial (something that I've never done, and actually could never have imagined doing). From the beginning Leslie's behavior felt rude and unprofessional. She grilled me about my skin, with each response of mine being met with either a condescending remark or eye roll. She never took the time to examine my skin or even look at it in the light, and as soon as I was on the table just proceeded to start the facial, without at any point telling me what she was doing, what products she was using, or why. During the ~20 min on the table she talked the entire time, but not about the facial, only talking about her other clients and how most of them just didn't listen to her advice, and then intermittently quizzing or berating me for me skin care habits. It finally got to the point where she had put something on my face (that burned) and I had literally been lying on the table for close to 10 minutes with nothing happening but her sitting over me and talking rudely (no massage happening at this time or anything else, literally just her lecturing me). It was making me so uncomfortable and stressed (and worried about what this person was going to do to my skin) that I finally just had to get up and say that I was uncomfortable and had to leave (which I ended up doing just as soon as she left and I could put my clothes back on).

The only reason I am giving a 2 star review (vs 1) is that my Mom did have a great massage experience. My guess is that most of the staff at Kanna are great, but that I got unlucky with my facialist. Unfortunately, my advice would be that if you are choosing a spa, feeling like you're making that big of a gamble regarding quality (especially at such a high price point), just isn't worth it.

5 stars Verified customer

I enjoyed the yoga class very much. Thank you for keeping me on your email list.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Julie was amazing and the most skilled masseuse I've ever had. She knew exactly how much pressure to apply and I could tell she is experienced. I found my new favorite spa and masseuse! I've already told many friends and colleagues about Kanna Spa and Julie. Thank you for an amazing first impression and experience. I will be back.

5 stars Customer since 2018

To be our very first spa/ massage experience, my daughter and I were very much pleased and happy to have gone to Kanna spa.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Thank you very much.

1 stars Customer since 2016

I've been to Kanna Spa many times and have always enjoyed it. Yesterday, that was not the case. This time, I was in a room that was very small and not very relaxing at all. I could not hear the music and everything felt very rushed from the start. I've never had this masseuse before and won't have her again. The massage started very quickly and felt fast and rough the whole time. I wouldn't say the pressure was too much but the way I was being massaged was not comfortable or relaxing. I could also hear the people next door the entire time. The technician offered to turn the music up but couldn't figure out how to and I didn't want to waste my massage time (hoping it would get better) so I told her to just forget about it. When I turned on my back my eyes are usually covered but they were not. Also, there was a decent amount of talking once she saw my insulin pump on my leg, which defeats the purpose of a massage. Also, I usually have my feet covered with warm towels at the end and this didn't happen either. I am a nice person so I went along with the talking then tried to close my eyes as soon as I had the opportunity. In the end, I didn't feel well taken care of and I felt tense and like I was cringing the whole time. Today I am bruised and very sore. Again, I don't like to rock the boat so I didn't say anything to the technician and I still tipped. She was a nice person but for an upscale, expensive spa, it wasn't what I expected or experienced before. It's frustrating to pay so much and come out feeling worse than when I went in. I would still come back but will make sure to request Kathleen or Alicia ONLY.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Everything about my massage was amazing!!

The only thing me and my friend were confused about was that we had both added an additional service to our massage (scalp treatment for my friend, and dry exfoliation for me). It seemed like maybe I got the scalp treatment? and no one got the dry exfoliation? Or maybe we did.. not sure? :)

4 stars Verified customer

Great therapist, cozy spa, and overall good customer service.

5 stars Customer since 2016

I got a 90-minute deep tissue massage with Kanani after a couple weeks of heavy work and travel, and she was fantastic! She was able to focus on the spots that most needed work (neck, forearms, IT band), while working out all the other tight spots that had built up over time.

5 stars Customer since 2017

My son plays a lot of basketball and he really needed a recovery massage. Stephanie did an amazing job, and I had a great experience in the meditation lounge. They got me tea and the soft music was very tranquil.

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