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Very friendly, great customer service, dealt with Nick in service and he was awesome! However, work wise I asked for a headlight to be fixed, was told it was working, got in my car to leave and sure enough the light was still burnt out! Pretty frustrating. Also was quoted a problem for $400+ and should be fixed asap, took to a local, well known shop for a second opinion, turns out it is a normal seeping, not a leak, doesnt need to be 'fixed' and if it did was quoted literally half the cost! I like you guys at Kearns, but I'm not paying for your nice new building, sorry! Feeling I probably won't come back because now I just feel like they were trying to rip me off.

2 stars Verified customer

We bought our 2006 Chevy uplander for cash. I can't say they saw us coming or new we were desperate..they did fix anything I found during the warranty time. I found out later the alignment was off causing the right passager side tire to be wore and caused a shimmy at 45 mph. This in respect can be missed on a routine entry inspection. Also it developed what the mechanic called "lot noise" from transmission case. This happen when vehicles sit on a lot for a long while (not their fault). It had some catches in the transmission but could be avoided with careful acceleration. We don't have the vehicle anymore. I did some minor repairs and donated it to a neighbor friend who needed the Van. I think they are honest just need to deepen thier incoming xcar inspection. Otherwise most of the above will be missed on their current inspection criteria.

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I my point of contact was Travis and he treated me very professionally and provided on time service. This made you feel like you're his only customer and I would not go to any other dealership. I would not go to any other dealer after having that experience.

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The customer care was very good. Will recommend to anyone. Thanks to Gaston and the whole team. Am enjoying my ride.



B.E. Hive Hair Salon and Spa

5 stars 219 reviews

100% would refer friends and family to us


domani salon & spa

5 stars 1394 reviews

I was having a terrible week. Everything that could go wrong did. I booked an appointment not knowing what to expect since I had never been to domani before. Upon entering the salon I was greeted by an energetic associate who toured me throughout the building. She was happy and her personality contagious (reminded me of me, just not today). My appointment went great. Tracy was very professional and I recommend her to everyone. Plus I was able to get in to get my nails done. That associate was also very upbeat and knew just how to make me relax. I was very pleased with my services and with an environment was amazing. This stressed mom can't wait to go back!
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