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5 stars Customer since 2003

I am so glad to be back in town, going to Dr. Merchant is the best decision I have ever made for eye care. None of that ... Read More

5 stars

I believe Dr Merchant is one of the best Optomertry doctor's in Tulsa. I have been his paitent for over 10 years and ne ... Read More

4 stars

I have been with Dr. Merchant since he took over the practice from my first optometrist many years ago. I have been ove ... Read More

5 stars Customer since 2011

I was treated very nice and Ken did an excellent eye exam for me.

Keep up the good work.



2 stars Customer since 2009

Dr. Merchant is nice. He asks if you have any questions. Very informative. I feel like I should've known before hand tha ... Read More

Ken Merchant, OD, PLLC replied:

Dear KC, I appreciate your review of my practice. I would like to address a few of the things that you disliked about your visit. First I would like to apologize for any rude behavior you encountered in my office. I would appreciate if you would e-mail me with more specifics and a description of the staff person involved so that I can take steps to remedy this. Secondly, the form that you signed giving you the choice of dilation does state that your vision will be blurry for approximately three hours. Maybe I need to verbally clarify that in the exam room as well. Finally, the price of the contacts that you are in, after insurance discounts and rebates, is 1.4 times higher than the internet site that you found. My price that the patient actually pays is less than one of the leading online contact lens sites when you consider rebates and discounts. In addition most insurance companies have an allowance for contacts which reduces the patient's out of pocket expense well below what they could buy them online for.In your particular case it is a better deal for you to buy online, however that doesn't apply to every contact lens available and to every patient's circumstances. Every patient has the ability to shop around for the best price they can get on contacts. Again, please e-mail me with more specifics so that I may make some improvements for a better experience for all. Thanks, Ken Merchant, O.D. kjmopt@att.net (P.S. This

is an e-mail which no staff has access to)