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Copied from Yelp as my experience and another client’s experience since I take care of her pet since she has been disabled:

I am the "caregiver" Joan B. refers to in a previous review where the owner of this establishment refused to care for my animal companions and the animal companions I bring to her for my clients.  Here is my story:  My dog ran out of her prescription of Proin which she has been on her entire life for incontinence.  Dr. Phimister had given me a prescription that was expiring in July that I had on file with 1-800 Petmeds. Kensington Vet Hospital charges more than twice what 1-800 Petmeds charges for the same prescription. But, the online store was out, so  I called Kensington Vet Hospital for a refill.  Dr. Phimister relayed through her receptionist that she would not refill my prescription until I had a urinalysis done.  I asked why she needed the test since my dog has been on this medication her whole life without complications and I had a prescription that was good until July 2020 that she, herself,  had written.  The receptionist was unable to tell me, the dr would not speak to me so I declined the test and thought I will wait until 1/800 meds gets them in stock. I have a small pet care business and with the pandemic I've lost most of my income and can't afford $200 tests right now. 

I waited and the drug didn't come in.  Meanwhile my dog was urinating all over the furniture so I called again to ask why my dog needed this $200 test. The receptionist said that Proin was back ordered and the Dr. needed a urinalysis to change to a different med.  Well that sounded reasonable so I scheduled the test and brought my dog in.  The vet tech could not get a urine sample from my dog so I did it myself (I was still charged for the vet tech interaction). As I was giving them my credit card info from outside (as we can't go in anymore) the receptionist brought me out a bottle of PROIN!  Remember--I was told my dog needed this $200 dollar test because their was no Proin available!  So now I felt lied to by a vet I've been with for 8 years.  I said to the receptionist (I'm quoting myself) "I have to ask, I'm not saying that I won't pay for this test but I need Dr. Phimister to call me and tell me why I had to do this test. My dog has been on this medication her whole life, she has had no complications and I have a prescription that is good until July 2020."  I paid for the non-existent vet tech charge and the double amount for Proin and waited for a call from the Dr.  I was not impolite and I think my question was legitimate. 

Dr Phimister never called but she did send me an e-mail with the reason she ordered the test.  She said older dogs sometimes had bacteria that caused incontinence and she wanted to check for that.    Bur then went on to tell me to find another vet as she doesn't want me as a client anymore (been going there for 8 years).  Anyway, was was taken aback because I've been a longtime client, I have multiple animals and have always gotten along well there, and this is the first I heard about "Bacteria" since Phimister did not talk to me in person.  

I sincerely don't know where this level of vindictiveness came from. I've never had words with her or anyone else at the office. I have moved my 5 animal companions to a new vet at a great inconvenience.  I also take some of my client's dogs to the vet for them. I will be moving those dogs to my new vet also.  I am just astounded by this incident and I can't even fathom why this vet who I've brought much business, and always liked, has acted in this manner.  As Joan B. said in her review:  "If long time local clients mean nothing to Phimister, you and your animal companions won't either.  Beth Phimister not only threw away my business (5 animals), she also threw away the clients I bring to her, my other client who is disabled and relies on me to take her dog to the vet for her, and all the referrals I've given her over the years. Her actions have been so hurtful to me, but also the people I work with. This isn't the demeanor of a community minded person.  I am so disappointed.

Joan’s Review

I’m so disappointed with Beth Phimister, the owner of Kensington Veterinary Hospital.  I am disabled and I rely on my caregiver to care for my dog and take him to the vet when needed.  I have always gone to Kensington Veterinary Hospital as it was within walking distance of my house.  My dog is no longer welcome at this establishment because Dr. Phimister got irritated at my caregiver for asking questions about a test she wanted to perform.  She never actually spoke to my caregiver, she only spoke through her office staff who were unable to communicate properly.  As I heard it, my caregiver asked that the doctor call her and explain the test to her.  Dr. Phimister did not call her, she sent an e-mail explaining the reason for the test (which my caregiver told me was a reasonable answer that she would have accepted).  Following the explanation she told my caregiver to go find another vet, she wouldn’t take care of her pets any longer.  Neither of us understood this as there weren’t any “words” or argument between the two and my caregiver was also a long-time client.   I don’t think it is fair that my dog has to switch vets because Dr. Phimister didn’t want to deal with questions about a test.  All I can say is: thanks a lot Dr., my life is stressful enough already, now I can’t even see my dog due to the pandemic, and you just added more stress to my life.  If Beth Phimister will treat two long time, local clients with 6 animals between them as if they didn’t matter, don’t believe for a minute she will treat you any differently.

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Arrived on time for appointment and waited for one hour before anyone came out to see my cat. Why couldn’t,t the receptionists apologize for the long wait? Very poor service, very poor.!

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the medication was ready when i went to pick it up.

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My dog is highly anxious and despite having given her calming meds before the visit, she would not let anyone there hold here, but kept fighting the tech to the point of exhaustion for several minutes. I had informed the doctor that this was the case on every visit I've taken her to in the past. The good doctor had to see for herself and then realized nothing was going to be accomplished and my dog was turning blue! At that point, the doctor said she would have to give my dog a calming shot. The tech finally grabbed my pet with a large towel and whisked her away for treatment. I also was a nervous wreck from watching my darling dog struggle in terror. I waited outside and was able to finally see the tech come out of an exam room holding my darling in a towel and soothing her. She brought her to the window and we were able to make heart to heart eye-contact! The procedures were went well after the calming shot was administered and the tech soothed her by holding her close to her chest. I liked that the doctor took time and wasn't hurried and seemed compassionate and very knowledgeable. I think the next time she and the tech will know more quickly how to proceed with such an anxious pet and earn her trust.

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On time and efficient.

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I have a very difficult senior cat. KVA & Dr. Phimister handle her beautifully and give her excellent care. Always a smile, even while my cat is behaving badly. Appreciate the follow up calls as well, since she must receive an anesthesia for even basic care. Excellent vets and very nice people!

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Friendly, excellent service from all the staff. I appreciate that the doctors educate us about what’s happening with our dogs and consult with us about treatment plans.

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Always a good experience here! Office runs efficiently. Staff are friendly and helpful.

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Perfect! Thank you for your kindness. Very much appreciated.

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Dr. Phimister is an amazing vet! This was her first introduction to our kitty and she went down to his level to meet him. Nico is shy and she was very patient and gentle with him. She examined Nico seamlessly and took note of his medical history. Dr Phimister was the antithesis of the last vet we saw at VCA Albany. In years past, VCA had wonderful vets, but now unprofessional and incompetent. So, we are delighted to have a new vet that clearly cares about cats and communicates well with their "parents."

In addition to Dr. Phimister, all the other folks that we interacted with were wonderful..including the .receptionist, technicians who gave a rabies shot and office staff who gave a follow-up phone call to check that all went well.