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I have veneers that are old and one cracked years ago. I was advised by Knolls Dental that the insurance company didn't cover them as they are considered cosmetic. But I was also told that if they continued to deteriorate, they'd have to be replaced to protect the teeth/posts they're mounted on as bacteria has already began to form. I went in last week because part of one of the veneers broke off. I used an over-the-counter adhesive to hold it in place until I could get an appointment. . When I went in, the dentist looked at the cracked veneer and said they'd have to be replaced. When I explained what I was told by another dentist, he looked at me blankly and said the assistant would get me a quote on the veneers which was $2400 to replace the ones on my front teeth. I said I'd have to find a way to come with that kind of money (I was informed of the credit plan offered by Knolls) but asked him if he'd at least improve glue on the broken veneer. He didn't answer but said he's be back...he never came back but one of the assistants told me they couldn't glue the veneer. I'm sure there's a reason he wouldn't put glue on the veneer. What is unclear to me is if the price quoted is for new veneers or just replacements as the post work has been done. By the time it occurred to me to ask that question I was already put off by the civil, but impersonal and distant interaction with the dentist (who said he started at Knolls in January).

My family has been going to Knolls dental for years and while the dental assistants staff has stayed the same and are like old friends because the remember all of us, most of the dentists are new and we feel like the communication in the office is lacking. I had to ask the dentist if he'd read my file and the notes left by the other dentists and he hadn't. We'll be finding a new dental office.

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The best dental experience ever. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice and being so helpful. I am from out of town and you made me feel very comfortable....

I could not have had a better experience.

Thank you all...

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I've been a patient at Knolls dental for over 15 years I appreciate the great dental care and the friendly/professional services they provide. From the front desk to back area everyone is friendly.

Its always a pleasure to visit the office

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My experience was great, Dr. Kim was nice and gentle.

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My appointment was rocky at first. I called 30 minutes before my appointment to explain that I would 10-15 minutes late. Instead of the person saying ok drive safely, she told me information that I did not want to hear, such as your appointment may be rescheduled, etc. So I raced from Baldwin Park, where I work as a HS teacher, in order to make my appointment which is very difficult for me to do. I had to take off from work in order to make my appointment. However, when I made it, there was no greeting or reassurance that I will be seen. Luckily, my name was called and I was taken to the back. Then I was told the doctor was a little behind. I felt they knew the doctor was running behind, but still pressured me with the thought of rescheduling. So finally the doctor arrived and it wasn't my normal doctor. I wasn't informed that the dentist I usually see was no longer working for the company. In all, the dentist I had did a good job and I liked him. In conclusion, yesterday's experience made my blood pressure rise and there was no sense of good customer service until the end of my visit with the doctor.

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The doctor was very impersonal, dry and said very little to me. I think he borderline rude. The office staff was wonderful and the assistant was very pleasant and personal.

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I love Doctor Berman. He saved my tooth yesterday!

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I have been going to Knolls Dental Group for at least 5 years with my family of 7. They have been great! I loved Dr. Wu, who recently left. Last week, I tried Dr. Chad and he great too. He acted like a professional with me and was gentle during the exam. Dr. Chad also showed me where one of my teeth had chipped and explained my options. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. We are a busy family, with a complicated schedule. They have been great. I also appreciate how Knolls Dental Group has been honest about needed procedures and charged a fair price in the past. I also like the orthodontist (Dr. Lyons) and the periodontist (Dr. Cargasacchi).

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Very good service.