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Fantastic visit with Dr. Rozenberg and staff as always.

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I don’t particularly care for the aggressive tactics her technicians use to try to get a patient purchase things or proc ... Read More

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Lana is by far the most skilled and compassionate doctor

I have ever had the privilege of being the patient of.

She car ... Read More

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Great care, beautiful people, they know their craft well, only the best for their clients.

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Awesome deep cleaning . Dental hygienist was educating.

5 stars Customer since 2023

The deep cleaning from the dental hygienist was incredible and educational.

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Dr Catherine Muldoon was quite possibly the worst dentist I’ve ever been to. I came in for tooth pain on a tooth with an ... Read More

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The Health worker I met was not professional. She made me nervous by telling me I could die in a moment if I don't perfo ... Read More

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Lana and her team were able to see me for a dental emergency and resolved my problem swiftly and expertly. They were so ... Read More

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Gregory Harmon MD

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Belmont Eye Center

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Where to start...I had been wanting lasek for YEARS (more like a decade really) but was too afraid and there were too many doctors out there to choose from. Then a friend, who I trust dearly, raved about Dr. Belmont and insisted I book the consultation. So I finally did...and it has been nothing short of life changing. A little history, I'm 38 and have been wearing contacts every day since I was 14. For DECADES, I have struggled with dry eye, eye pain, - repeatedly diagnosed with "dry eye". I have had my tear ducts plugged many times, I've used the expensive Restasis prescription drops - and it never improved. I assumed it was just something I would live with for the rest of my life- the eye pain/discomfort was just part of my everyday life. Fast fwd to my consultation with Dr. Belmont...in less than 5 min, she explained to me that I don't have dry eye at all actually. I have a genetic condition called blepharitis and told me how to treat. LIFE CHANGING. I had immediate relief!! The exam was so thorough, explanatory and just unlike any exam I've had. Ever. So much so that on my way home that same day (before my procedure even) - I called my mom and told her she HAD to book an appt with an opthamalogist like Dr. Belmont (mom lives across the country). They were able to book my PRK procedure the following week and just were so thorough in explaining the process and what to expect for recovery. The literally dummy proof the whole thing!! And on the day of the procedure itself, they have it down to such a science that you can guarantee/plan for everything to be exactly on time. It was seamless from start to finish. The very first thing I noticed after the procedure was that I was no longer aware of my eyeballs in any way shape or form! After living with eye pain/discomfort every single day for 20+ years - its hard for me to describe the feeling of just not being aware of my eyes anymore. While the recovery from PRK is a bit longer than lasik - I am beyond beyond happy/thrilled/elated to have this new freedom. My vision is just as good if not better than it was with contacts. Do yourself a favor and book a consultation with Dr. Belmont!! Don't wait 2 decades like I did! With the cost of contacts/glasses - the procedure will pay for itself in a very short period of time. :)
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