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$200.00 for a service call and your guy couldn't find the trouble!!! To me that puts you in the GFY bin.

I found the trouble and fixed it myself and it only cost me 20.00bucks. Anyone who would pay for that kind of service is an idiot!. That includes myself

Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection replied:

Dear Customer, I'm sorry that you feel your services were not up to your standard. Our service call is $59, not $200. For $200 you would have received a service and the $59 was waived. If you had posted your complaint so that I could look up your account, I would be able to provide you more information. Or if you had called me, I would have been able to assist you more fully. You are more than welcome to contact me to discuss. Thank you. Shelli Lange

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Your company is amazing. The customer service is off the charts. Thank you

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Raising your service call price to 200 is ridiculous. Are you really trying to cut down on your customer base. You have succeeded by 1. My cleaning lady's husband came in the following day and found the leak in 15 minutes. He didn't want to charge me. Your guy couldn't find it at all!!!! Anyway, this is a good way to part company. GOODBYE.

Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection replied:

Mr. Sider, Our service call is $59 which is waived if we do a service for you. The service call you called in was for the need of a new garbage disposal and to replace the R.O. filter. Your invoice does not indicate that you had a leak and if my technician had seen one, he would have informed you. In addition, you signed the Invoice that the work was completed to your satisfaction. I'm sorry that we will lose you as a customer, however, I hope you understand that we must charge for the plumber and the truck to arrive to your home and to perform work on your behalf. I'm sure you will not have any problems finding a company to meet your needs, however, if you ever need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to call. If you would like to discuss this matter further, I'd be happy to talk with you. Sincerely, Shelli Lange

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Regretably, your plumber, Lee,was unable to fix my Kenmoire water heater. He said it needed new parts at a cost thaan rivaled the price of a new water heater. He offered me a new heater, installed for $1200.

A neighbor came the following day,mlooked at the water heater and restarted the burner assembly, That worked for about 24 hours. He then removed the mechanisms frromn inside the heatyer and replaced them with an identical new part he purchased flor $80. The heater has been working perfectly for several straight days.

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Stan and his crew were the very best ,did an excellent job. Would call Stan for any plumbing job a gain they were the best

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High prices

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They had to come back several times to fix their own repair and then re-charged us for fixing their own work. Also, if they are in a hurry to get to the next job, they don't itemize the bill. They just list everything and put a total amount due so you don't know if you're being overcharged. When you call the office to get a breakdown of the bill, they tell you they'll send you an itemization but then don't unless you continue to call or email them. We are currently trying to get a duplicate charge reversed.

Lange Plumbing & Fire Protection replied:

Dear Kay, Regarding having to return to your home, we initially performed the services you requested. After those items were completed, you had a home inspection performed and the inspector advised you that additional repairs were needed. This was not to repair the work we had completed, it was additional work. In October of 2014, we switched from a time and material company to a flat rate company. This was at the request of customers for many many years. We now have a book that offers our customers choices and they have the option of which one they want to choose. Unfortunately, it does not break it down into a time and material format and the plumber had to take the time to do this for you. Since using the flat rate book, we get less complaints from customers wanting to know what their repairs will cost prior to the work being performed as they have seen their options and have chosen one that meets their needs and resources. I hope this explains our billing process to you. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Shelli Lange, Owner

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Always reliable.

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Thank you so much for installing our new water heater on the same day that the last one broke and for fixing the problems with the prior install which was done by another company.

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Top notch service! I love how Lee explains in great detail what work was done and why.