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Great staff

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Love Dr. Paul!!

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Crazy expensive

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I’ll start off by saying that walk ins are very convenient and I like how close this place is to my house. I am coming back for another appointment in a week to make sure everythings ok. I was basically told that they couldn’t find the issue of why my cat has been vomiting but then they had me pay before explaining to me that they were alsoselling me 5 medications and a 9lb bag of food that I did not ask for. They told me when to give each one and did not even explain why she needed all this medicine. I ended up going back so they could explain why they sold me so many medications when the paperwork reported nothing wrong with my cat and they made me feel stupid and told me that there were so many because they don’t know which one she needs so I have to give her all of them hoping one of them might work. I feel extremely uncomfortable with this. There were some for bacteria even though they didn’t find any bacteria in her. A dewormer even though they didn’t find any worms in her. An appetite supplement that I looked up and it has terrible online reviews that their cats became lethargic. One of the boxes specifically says made for dogs and I’m not sure which one it was but they did not explain that either. I think another one is for her urine, even though they told me she has no problems with her urine? I was charged extra for the urinalysis test and no problems were found so why did they sell me medicine for that???? The last one is anti acid which makes sense because she was throwing up but I feel so uncomfortable giving my cat 5 different medications every day when they sent me home saying that they could not find any problems. I also feel very uncomfortable with the fact that I was sold a bag of dry food without even being offered if asked. How do they know I don’t already have that food??? What a waste of money! Spent $750 to be told they don’t know what’s wrong.

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Great service

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The service was good

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I arrived at 8:00 to a fast moving line which it probably took 5 - 7 minutes and my name was called. I went to get my dog from the car and about 5 minutes more the technician asked health questions and about 5 minutes more the doctor entered. The dog was diagnosed with ear mites. His esrs were cleaned and i was provided with a prescripton. Overall it was a good experience, everyone was friendly, the office is clean and the wait time was fast. I would definitely recommend them.

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The staff was very friendly and nice, much much better that the last time I was there.

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Real quick and extremely helpful as a first time pet owner!

5 stars Customer since 2022

The staff is very attentive and friendly. I had a walk on appointment and didn't have to wait that long for my dog to be seen. The vet explained everything he was doing to my dog, and what may be causing her problem. I am very likely to come back and I have already recommended this hospital to a few of my friends