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A review is not fair in these crazy times. I will say I felt I had to lead the evaluation.

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My cat was brought back to me soaked in urine. Although the manager fixed it after I complained. It’s pretty careless that the vet assistant didn’t notice the cage was soaked in urine before she handed him over. Did not feel good about that.

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The doctor told me my cat was chunky, but didn't give us information on how to help him lose weight until I asked the receptionist.

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I am loyal to the LFSAH. The staff is always pleasant and the doctors are the best! But this time the experience was less than stellar which I was completely surprised by. My father, who is in his 70s, took our dog to get a check up for some possible allergy issues. He met with a doctor who we have never seen before and she proceeded to tell him that he does not care for our dog in the proper manner. He felt judge and was sadden but the words chosen by this veterinarian. She made my father feel like he was a horrible fur parent. Our dog is on a diet, gets walks daily and came in due to a possible allergy. She proceeded to tell my dad that he needed to spend $400 on a flea treatment (my father is a retired man and we share medical expenses for the fur buddies) and that she was too fat. When I spoke to him he looked and sounded heartbroken. I’m sure she is a wonderful doctor and maybe she was having a bad morning but my dad left the vets office heartbroken and feeling small. His dogs are like his babies and maybe this particular doctor could have chosen different words or a different tone and not be so aggressive. My dad doesn’t even feel comfortable returning so I’ll be taking the dogs and cats now. He is very fluent in English and just felt like she was criticizing him.

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I called in the morning inquiring about k9 flu and lepto vaccines. I was thrilled to hear I could bring my dog in. Check in fine but when they returned my dog to me, I was told there was no lepto vaccine until later that day. Yeah, sure. My dog is a shaking mess when she knows she’s going to the clinic, it would have been nice to know from the git ho one vaccine wasn’t available, better use of clinic staff and my time. I know it’s hard but work smarter.

3 stars Verified customer

I came in expecting to get a quick a rabies shot for my dogs, but without asking the vet went ahead and did full exams of each of them, charging $65 per dog. I didn’t schedule exams, I was just there for their rabies shot. I felt a bit ambushed when someone walked in to show me the bill after the fact. It may have just been a misunderstanding but I’d appreciate more transparency up front and being asked if I actually want any other services instead of doing them first and then surprising me later with the charge.

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Juan is the best. My dogs love him.

3 stars Customer since 2020

They told me that my cat would come right out, and then twenty minutes later she didn’t come out and I had to call and remind them to bring her out. The front desk lady said “They didn’t bring her out already??” How do I answer that? That just tells me you forgot about a live animal in your care. The vet seemed very kind, however he recommended a $200 preventative care medicine to me without indicating the price. I do appreciate it and would probably buy it anyways, but I wish he gave me a heads up as to the huge price tag before just describing what it was and putting it on my bill.


The vet was awesome, just be transparent about prices. The front desk or whoever coordinates the office stuff needs some work/help. It concerns me that my cat was probably just thrown in a room with a bunch of other animals, was probably scared, and then when it was time for her to come home the office workers forgot about her until I had to call a second time and remind them that I needed to go home.

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Efficient check in and CB from DMV, but a 10min exam followed by a 45 min wait, with only 1 vaccine, was unsatisfactory. Response from receptionist, “ We’re really slammed today.”

3 stars Verified customer

The doctor was great. There’s a disconnect between the staff and the doctors and the covid precautions seem excessive. Now that we are in the yellow tier, owners should be able to stay with their animal. The reason staying outside is most disappointing is the wait time. Took 15 minutes after I gave payment on the phone before my animal was brought outside, and the prescription the doctor recommended was missing. Then I got a call saying they had to charge me even more money because of an error. All in all it felt very disorganized and disconnected.

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