Chris Long spent 5 years at Farmers Insurance before leaving to launch Longevity Insurance Brokers . Why? With a large insurance agency, you lose the personal touch and flexibility to do whatever it takes for your clients.

"I was tired of having to tell my clients about rate increases. I wanted to ensure my clients had choices if their rates increase, and had a more personal experience." -Chris

He's done just that. Longevity Insurance Brokers is one of the few, if any, brokers that can say they rarely bump their clients' rates, never toss them from agent to agent and never make them wait on hold to talk to their agent. This is how insurance was meant to be, how it should be.

That's why when Chris was asked if he could sum up Longevity Brokers in just a few words he said: "It's simple...'Smart Insurance. Simplified.'"


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Chris Long