81.4% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2021

Convenient scheduling and very professional on the phone. One of the best massages I have had.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Great. Quiet, clean, fragrant, relaxing, valuable. Kind staff. Great massage, paraffin add on, scalp add on. I’ll go back.

5 stars Customer since 2019

I started coming here for staycations and it's so wonderful to stay at a nice hotel and get spa services and feel pampered. Lorien Spa is relaxing, quiet, tucked away, cozy, and everything you want in a spa experience to feel renewed.

5 stars Verified customer

Delighted to find this jewel. Val accurately assessed my massage needs on my first visit and delivered a perfect massage. Then had the steam room all to myself (per COVID precautions), leaving me feeling safe and relaxed.

3 stars Verified customer

The experience was a little underwhelming. The person at the hotel front desk was not very friendly, she barely looked at me when I asked her where the spa was. The woman at the spa desk was nice.

I was less than 5 minutes late, but I ended up getting my service cut-- apparently there was no time to do the full facial I booked. That was so very disappointing. The products were nice, however.

One of the things I noticed is that the spa needs some TLC. The curtain that separated the hall from the locker room was ripped. There were moisture stains on the ceiling in the treatment room. If they are going to charge top prices, the spa needs to be top notch, too.

4 stars Customer since 2021

The changing room and wellness room leave a bit to be desired, but otherwise the experience was great!

3 stars Customer since 2021

Text message support throughout the visit was outstanding. Best part of this visit. Exceptional never had anything quite like that before during a hotel stay. Spa experience was also lovely.

Corner room king design was exceptionally odd many square feet of L-shaped hallway that’s unusable with a tiny cramped room at the end. Bed not centered in room so no nightstand on one side of bed. Although a small one probably could fit. Person on that side of the bed has no place to put down a phone or a pair of glasses etc. for the night.

No hook for logical place to hang a towel within reach of shower. And tremendous leak under shower door on the bathroom floor.

Room design generally seemed like no architect or designer was involved with the process. Maybe someone with creativity but questionable professional training in the field.

5 stars Customer since 2021

I enjoyed a facial very much

2 stars Customer since 2021

I booked 80 minute message for my husband and I, my massage had to be prenatal massage and I also asked if they do anything special since we were celebrating our one year anniversary. When we got to our appointment the therapist didn’t know that I needed prenatal massage so they had to get the room set up for that and my husband didn’t get the champagne. By the time they started massaging us 20 min had already passed so we got a 60 minute massage instead of the 80 minute. I am disappointed I definitely expected the staff to be organized and that didn’t happen.

1 stars Customer since 2021

I booked my first massage here for the main purpose of experiencing the eucalyptus steam room. There was no eucalyptus in the steam room. The woman at the desk said they were low and ordered more oil. I was bummed about that. I sat in the relaxation room for about half an hour to enjoy a book before my treatment, and the ambience just felt stark and rigid to me. The fake candles cheapened the look. The teas were a nice touch though. The massage itself was okay. I thought there’d be more massage involved than moving stones around my shoulders. Absolutely not worth the high price I paid for it. What struck me the most was the curtain that served as the door to the ladies’ locker room. Not only is it unsecured, but it opens up to where the first thing you see is the corner of lockers where people undress and change. Really?? Lastly, the robe I had apparently had shoulder pads, which were misshaped from all the washing that they felt like rolled up missing socks got lodged inside. Overall, this spa experience was a major letdown, which is unfortunate because I’ve lived in the area for over a decade and had high hopes for it. I regret paying as much as I did.