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I've been to Lovely Lashes about 6 times now. The first five times I had Blair do touch ups on my lashes. The first time I went in I scheduled an hour fill and he only charged me for a 30 minute fill and told me if I came in every 2 weeks I could continue with 30 minute fills, this was great news because I was going into my third trimester of pregnancy and had difficulty laying on my back for long periods of time. Every time I went in he made me feel very comfortable and I felt like he went above and beyond the standards of sanitation, even placing a tissue over my forehead so he didn't touch my skin, which i really appreciated because I have skin troubles.

Now, I am 9 months pregnant, so for my last touch up I didn't schedule ahead because I didn't want to have to pay a cancellation fee if I went into labor early. I went in a couple days before my due date, after only about a week and a half since my last touch up but I wanted to make sure they were in good condition before my delivery and recovery knowing I wouldn't be able to make it in for awhile. Blair was unavailable and I was scheduled with Kelly. My experience was so terrible I am contemplating not continuing with eyelash extensions. Throughout my entire appointment she was sniffling and sneezing and blew her nose four separate times and returned to working on my lashes without washing her hands. Even if I wasn't 9 months or any months pregnant I would be horrified at the lack of sanitation but because of my lowered imune system and being days away from delivering I was even more upset. At the end of my appointment my eyes were glued shut and she had to cut my lower eye lashes from the extensions. I did not feel comfortable with someone with her lack of professionalism holding a blade so close to my eyeball and was not happy about having to have my lower eyelashes trimmed. She then told me I would have been better off with a full hour fill because she couldn't finish during my time slot (as the last appointment of the day.) When I got to my car and looked in the mirror my left eye looked almost exactly the same as it had before my appointment and my right eye looked like it belonged on a drag queen. Most of my eye lashes fell out before the weekend and I am now going into a scheduled labor less than a week after my appointment with almost no lashes left.

Lovely Lashes replied:

Please call the salon when you are ready after the baby and we will take care of you free. Let them know Jackie had left you a message. We will also get you back with Blair.

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I'm very happy with my experience with your services. I would like to make you aware of something that is troublesome. I had an apt, with Blair and he saved my eye lashes. He found four of my lashes glued together. My last apt. was with Holly. I like her very much and she did a good job. My concern is who glued these lases together and wasn't careful. I don't want to lose lashes due to carelessness. Please recommend a solution.

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My facial with the pumpkin peel was awesome!

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Love the enthusiam and welcome when I walk in the door. The atmosphere is Fabulous. Kellie does an amazing job. Always walk away satisfied,loving the way the lashes look after Kellie is done, obviously brings a smile to my face, But the best part is they last...they look real. Even after two weeks there were NO gaps. I love my LASHES. Would definately recommend Lovely Lashes.

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Wonderful efficient Service with a smile....

The only draw back is the music too fast and Disco type

Since this is a small Beauty place, it should have more of the SOOTHING Spa feel and sounds....especially as we are laying down

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Interior need some help. Gives a bad firt impressions for walk ins. Space looks run down and dir ty

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Tina is an artist! She finds all my little tiny blond eyelashes and turns them into a full set of lash extensions. Love the natural curly look.

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This was my third visit to Lovely Lashes, and about my 8th lash extension in general. The lady who did my lashes was very sweet, but her application with the glue was a little rough. She ended up gluing my upper and lower lashes and my lids together and had to use tweezer to pry both lids apart, ripping out my lower lashes in the process. That was painful, as well as burning from the glue in my eyes. Both these things have never happened to me before. Additionally, the bases of the lashes weren't placed flush with my natural lashes, so they kind of stick out and catch on my make-up remover wipes, pulling on my lashes even more. :( This is the first time any of this has happened. Ordinarily the lashes come out stellar!

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I had my eyebrows tinted and shaped and they did a wonderful job! He knew enough by looking at my skin that waxing might be a little harsh, so he tweezed instead. Very smart!

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wait time was minimal, was greeted immediately upon entering, kind and courteous service, gave great tips on maintaining lashes