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The staff was great. However the triage of my pet's health was grossly mismanaged. Although we took our family pet to the doctor to try to find out what was causing my pet's lack of appetite, the doctor opted to do surgery and removal instead of biopsy and /or aspiration on a mass on my pets shoulder. This caused unnecessary trauma to our ailing pet and cost a bit.

The doctor assured us that he had removed most of the mass. We went along with recommendations for.weeks and there was no improvement, in fact there was a digression. Upon obtaining a second opinion another doctor performed an ultrasound and it was clear that my 8 year old golden retriever had cancer EVERYWHERE. The doctor at Macy and Thomas had not even addressed the appetite issue or this possibility of cancer in other places. The doctor told us the mass he removed was cancer free.

Unfortunately our dog passed within weeks. We are not certain why the Macy and Thomas doctor would choose to spend such an exorbitant amount on all of the surgeries, when an ultrasound to begin with would have ruled out everything...and would have effectively reduced our bill from several thousands to several hundred.

We learned later that x-rays showed abnormalities to begin with, but not through the medical opinion of a doctor at Macy and Thomas but from a service that we paid to Macy's and Thomas for an outside doctor to review because the doctor wanted someone else to read the xrays. This entire episode of losing our family pet was compounded by the decisions made by the doctors at Macy and Thomas.

By the way... I have waited 5 months to post this in order to provide an accurate accounting of the facts. We unfortunately will never go back here.

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All the visits I've taken my dog too here have been a positive experience all around starting with the staff in the front office, to the Doctors, and back office staff. Prices are reasonable and some not so cheap. But overall, I like the care my dog receives each time I have gone.

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I like the thorough care my pet receives at Macy Thomas. All staff are polite and friendly. My wife and I trust that they have the best interest of our dog at heart.

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Great staff and Doctor.

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have always had a pleasant expericence here

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My Lovey was bitten by a large dog and was treated at an emergency clinic. We took Lovey in the next day to see Dr. Kay. Dr. Kay performed the surgery and Lovey was recovery now. Went back three times for follow-up to check the drains and every time the staff are all very nice. Dr. Kay's fee is very reasonable and do not charge for office visit fee for the follow-up appointments.

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Bella was treated with love, calmed down, made to feel safe, examined and carefully given her oral bortidella booster. Dr. Anderson was attentive, asked questions, listened to my answers, did not make me feel rushed and gave me recommendations for Bella's care. All of my questions were answered either by Dr. Anderson or her competant and pleasant staff. Melissa, Dr. Anderson's assistant, was very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful and when i asked if she could help me find Bella's Chip, after treating Bella, she remembered and brought out a chip scanning device, scanned Bella, locatd the chip for me and showed me Bella's Chip ID on the scanner's screen. Pretty cool.

dennis moonitz - (Bella's dad)

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Very informative, answered all my questions and concerns. Has my pets health in mind.