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I used the calculator online and was delivered enough mulch to landscape a million dollar property. I do not feel the driver should of dumped it all and I feel taken advantage of. I barely used half. I just feel like over the phone or upon arrival something should've been done to make sure I needed that much. If I was a landscaping company, maybe. When the truck arrived it should've been pretty clear that my property was not going to need it. I had over half of what was ordered left.

Maple 85 replied:

Ryan - as we stated on the phone when you called about this issue, we can?t see your property when you are calling to place the order, so we have no idea if what you are ordering is "too" much mulch. If you have different areas that you are trying to cover, each area needs to be put in the calculator separately and then the totals added together to get the correct amount of mulch. From what you are describing, you may have added all of the areas together when you put them in the calculator. If you did this, it will give a VERY wrong number.

All properties have a different amount of landscaping so our driver would have no idea when dropping the product if this is too much or too little since most of the time he can't see the whole property when dropping the product...there may be a lot of landscaping in the back yard that he can't see from the driveway.

I'm sorry you feel taken advantage of but if you did the measuring and put it in the calculator, we would not be able to tell if this is correct or not. If you'd like help with this in the future, we would be more than happy to refer someone to come out and do the measurements for you so you get the correct amount of mulch for the project.

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Great service all the way!!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Was Superb! !!!!!!!! Thank you so much.

Maple 85 replied:

Thank you!!! Glad you are a satisfied customer.

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Not sure if the calculator on your website is completely misleading or what, but we have ordered way too much mulch. I was tempted to stop the driver after half of the load but couldn't get myself to do it. Not sure how long this product will be in our driveway but it is a ton. Next time I will try to get an opinion from someone or even visit the shop to look at the size of the trucks to make my determination. Measuring and using the calculator definitely over estimated for us.

Maple 85 replied:

Ryan, sorry you got too much mulch. In the future, you can always give us a call with your measurement and we would be more than happy to go through the process with you.

We strive to give our customers what they want along with the amount they need. Again, we are sorry you got too much for your project.

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Service is great. The dark brown mulch has some bigger pieces in it and some debris.

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They were prompt in getting mulch to us and we're careful of tree branches in the driveway

Maple 85 replied:

Glad to hear you were satisfied with the service. We do strive to get your product delivered quickly and safely!

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Great service! Great attitude no matter what the size of the order. Such a willingness to help if there is a problem. LOVE THE PLEASANT

ATTITUDE I ALWAYS GET! ! ! ! You really do provide great customer service. IT IS SO APPRECIATED! Thank you! Plus....I love that if

I leave a message someone ALWAYS gets back to me right away! I really can't believe it! YOU ROCK MAPLE 85.

A very happy customer! (smiley face)

Maple 85 replied:

Stewart, thank you for the glowing review!!! We always enjoy hearing from our customers.

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Great service and products!

Maple 85 replied:

Thank you!

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When they say they will provide you with their products they really do, not like some of the other places in omaha I wont mention names. Their people are great to talk to and are professional.

Maple 85 replied:

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you had a pleasant experience. We strive to provide the best customer service possible.

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Great product at a reasonable price with very little wait.