Mapleview Dental Centre

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Horrible. I used to come to Maple dental for about 15 years until I realized how truly terrible they treat regular clients. Not only were my braces put on by a hygienist (which I'm fairly certain is not prohibited), they were placed on incorrectly causing numerous teeth to have gum recession & when my braces were removed they did not remove the cement from my teeth. I since have gone to an actual professional who removed all the cement that was carelessly left on. At which point my new dentist informed me it was baffling that they would leave cement on my teeth.. but alas, this is the service you receive. Also! The last straw for me was when they charged me NINE separate times to replace a permenant retainer (also put on by a hygienist) they CLEARLY put on incorrectly. I since had that permenant retainer removed & there were SEVERAL layers of cement caked on from incorrect work. Please never contact me again as I would have to be insane to return to this place. Thanks for costing me more in dental fees because of your poor practices & sheer ignorance!

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5 stars Customer since 2017

As always all staff were fantastic and made Jessica's first fillings a stress free experience.

5 stars Customer since 2017

excellent service had less than a hour to fix a smile for a wedding, chipped tooth, was done perfect didn't miss wedding photo staff were great

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My dental hygienist was great. I was experiencing some concerns regarding my oral health. She provided great feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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Staff went out of their way to make my appointment convenient and stress-free. I am most appreciative.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Sava was beyond lovely and kind and considerate as always! Had a few rough visits that last few times I've come in, but sava made this one beyond pleasant and so nice. She's so thoughtful and encouraging and didn't make me feel bad about my teeth or anything. Dr. Jacobs was also so nice and kind. Again the last few visits were rough and I had even considered changing offices but dr. Jacobs and sava make me want to keep coming back. Also the receptionist, sorry I forget her name, was awesome too. Everyone made me feel welcome and very well taken care of! Thank you so much for your treatment and looking after me so well!

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I continue to have the best treatment from all of the team.

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Very professional staff, welcoming people and extremely efficient. Great experience. Would recommend my friends and family.

5 stars Customer since 2017

A's always everyone was friendly and put my daughter at ease. So glad we chose this dental practice.