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Best experience ever

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This is the only place I feel comfortable. I was worried when Dr. C left, but I really like Marianna and Dr. Z. Thank you.

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A new dentist took over from Dr Cavallaro. She's had some new moving in issues I am sure but I am actually really happy with the hygienist I have now. I only see the dentist like once a year for about 5 minutes. The rest of the time I only see they hygienist which is fine with me. They are better at cleaning than dentists...usually. Better meaning less pain and less discomfort. So far I am happy with the new lady that took it over. Am also happy with the hygienist too...she's very good!

5 stars Customer since 2000

Always a pleasure to visit and be taken care of. Staff is timely, professional, friendly and does excellent work.

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I did not like the interaction with the new Dr. at all. I asked a week before if the Dr. would agree to see me without forcing me to take X-rays. They initially agreed, but the day of the appointment she wanted me to take X-rays again. When I refused, she reluctantly agreed to continue with the regular clean-up but at the end she said she would not see me the next time unless I agree to have X-rays taken. Throughout the interaction she didn't even let me explain the reasons. She just kept saying that they were digital and harmless. X-rays are harmful, that the information obtained is digitally processed has nothing to do with the intrinsic energy of the radiation.

Then the dental tech did nothing but criticize the state of my teeth while operating in my mouth, not letting me speak and treating me as if I had never brushed my teeth. There was nothing wrong with my teeth, they just needed a cleanup after a 2-year lapse due to Covid-19. All together was a very disagreeable experienced.

As physicist, I'm very well aware of the effects of X-rays and other ionizing radiation. Choosing not to expose myself to them anymore that I have to is my own personal decision, a decision that does not affect anyone but me. A simple cleanup is not enough reason. I can only think of money as the probable reason they insist on shooting X-rays, certainly not my wellbeing.

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Solid,gentle and professional dental cleaning. I feel refreshed. A thorough procedure. Thanks so much.

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The best

5 stars Customer since 2020

Very professional, friendly ,neat & clean place.

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Excellent experience and very profession service from Dr. Zakaria.

Staff is also kind and friendly.

Along with me ,my 5 yrs old son was also comfortable with the doctor during whole procedure.

I would highly recommend to everyone.

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I had a good experience, every was very professional, knowledgeable