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I purchased the 90 minute monthly package. I have only had 1 90 minute massage and a few 60 minute. I thought it would be easier to schedule appointments with my busy schedule. I found that when I call there are not any 90 minute spots available. I purchased in October last year and have visited 3 times. The service is nice if you want a quickie massage. If you are looking for sustained massage therapy with specific results I would recommend finding a private individual massage therapist.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Holly did an excellent job!

2 stars Customer since 2016

The massage itself was great and the therapist was very professional and did a wonderful job!

On the other hand, the customer service was not the best. When my husband purchased this package for me on Mother's Day the lady who set everything up must have been new. Since my membership dues did not come out until the 6th I was not able to use one of my massages I had previously purchased. Even though the lady my husband purchased everything from is the one who set up my appointment for my first massage. I understand this is just lack of communication, but the lady at the front desk was not very nice about it when I started asking why I had to pay an extra $40, even though I asked very nicely to try to understand. Until I got home and studied the paperwork did I understand because the lady at the front desk would only tell me "this is just what the computer says and I don't have any way of changing it". There was nothing she could do or couldn't even help explain the issue. I know this is just due to communication but your employees really need to understand what they are selling and their products. I was not happy to have to pay an extra $50 unexpectedly (with tip).

5 stars Verified customer

Holly was awesome! I needed a deep tissue massage and she delivered!

2 stars Verified customer

I was 4 min late walking in and went straight back to the room. Started 7 min after my appointment time.

The massage was great but when I went to check out I confirmed it was scheduled for an hour to calculate the tip and she told me it was scheduled for a 90 min. I assumed an hour because they had finished in ~65 minutes so I assumed they just adjusted the start/end time because I was late (thinking they probably didn't have an appointment after me and it was nice they finished with the full length ) and maybe went a little longer and very happy at the thoughtfulness!

My appointment was from 630-8. I started at 637 and he finished at 645.

The massage itself was wonderful but this was a big splurge to book a 90 min and was disappointed that it was not 90 minutes at all.

4 stars Verified customer

I've been having massages for over ten years, 1.5 at Massage Heights. All therapists have been professional: some have more hand strength than others, some work on specific areas as requested, a few have just done their own thing so I didn't return to them. The place is always clean and welcoming in appearance. Despite the good things, I will most likely be cancelling my annual membership as so many therapists have left for various reasons that it is very hard to get an appointment. Last week I found that they employ only one full-time therapist, and four regular part-time. If you prefer a female therapist you are now down to three therapists and some work such limited hours you will not get an appointment within the requested month. It was suggested that I might want to drive to Cedar Rapids for an appointment but given I live within one mile of the Coralville busines!s, this isn't going to happen. Why aren't there as many therapists as when I joined in December 2014? That's what I was buying into.

I've read all the reviews commenting about the 45-50 hands-on massage as opposed to the marketed 60 minutes. I've experienced the same. They should either be marketed as 45 minute massages OR charge accordingly.

5 stars Verified customer

best place ever!

5 stars Customer since 2014

Lacey remains the best I've ever been to! I recommend her to everyone, which causes problems for me because she's always booked!

1 stars Customer since 2014

Today I was ten minutes early for an hour appointment. Did not get to the room til ten minutes after scheduled time . Requests to address problem areas where ignored and session ended ten minutes early. No gruitity was left this time. Normally I leave ten to twenty dollars. I did make another appointment asking for another therapist.

4 stars Customer since 2016

I scheduled an appointment with a staff member, then showed up for my appointment one week later. Unfortunately I walked in about four minutes late, and greeted my massage therapist at the front. I asked if he was [staff member], and he said no, that person is "no longer with us" (I assumed, and now am hoping, that this meant the person was either terminated or quit). It would have been nice for him to introduce himself before I had to ask who he was.

Other than this small greeting time, the rest of the appointment was great. I have been trying to get a feel for what qualities I want my masseuse to have, so I have scheduled with a different therapist each month for the past 3 months. Everyone has been been a little different, but all excellent massages. I appreciate that they ask about my trouble areas, and how the pressure is. I have had experiences with new receptionists that other people may perceive as negative, but I recognize that they are just new, and the person was able to use her resources to problem solve (I am in the service industry so I am patient in these situations).

All in all, I have loved massage heights so far and I look forward to the rest of my membership year.