92.5% would refer friends and family to us

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Great staff. Strong communication regarding issues with car and price. They even cleaned my car!

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The car wash was a really nice bonus! :)

4 stars Verified customer

Mechanic who came to jump start battery was very polite and did what needed to be done.

5 stars Verified customer

as always, great service from the time you walk through the front door till your car's ready... I might add that our cars are always cleaner when we leave than when we arrived... Matthey Automotive has kept our cars going way past their trade in time... fair prices too

5 stars Verified customer

Always good service

5 stars Verified customer

You guys promised the services you offered to the exact point. Service done was done at great timing.

5 stars Verified customer

They fixed my problem in a timely manner. Their customer service is great. When I call on the phone the person who answers it is pleasant and very professional. They always tell me in detail what the problem is and how much it will cost. No surprises!

3 stars Verified customer

Hey Jud, Bob and team at Matthey. I say hi because I know that this review will be seen by management as that is how these systems work. No ill will is meant by this review.

Overall, I was not very happy with my experience with Matthey on Thursday, 4-6-17. The bulk of my dissatisfaction comes from how I was presented with the information about my vehicle. I dropped off the vehicle asking for an alignment and diagnosis & possible repair of a misfire issue. When called back by the service manager, I was presented with a complete list of every single thing that is wrong with my vehicle. Normally this would be perfectly fine, but as a business person in sales myself, it was easy to read between the lines that I was being upsold. It was also clear that the information I had left for the mechanic to look over was not consulted before making recommendations. Parts that had been recently upgraded were recommended to be changed again. That is frustrating.

While I do not expect Matthey to be the least expensive option on the market today, as no one should compete on price, I could tell that I was being treated as a normal fleet style customer where money was no object. With personal/residential style customers, you can not always take this approach.

As a recommendation, it would be wise to consider educating your customer on the options in front of them when there are big dollar figures on the table. For example, it wasn't until I was hesitant, on a second phone call, regarding the initial price of $1,500 for a full tune up (coils and labor) that I was told there was a $1,100 option with a warranty on the parts still. Knowing this on the first phone call may have influenced my decision to go one way or the other. There also was no real attempt to let me know I had options. It was $1,500 on the phone the first time... Take it or leave it.

In the future, it may be helpful, to take a sales approach similar to a "good, better, best" type used by other shops and retailers. Educate me that the $1,500 gets me this, $1,100 gets me this and a $900 (for example) get's me this. Let me make the decision and statistics show, I will probably take the middle, $1,100, option.

What did go WELL, was the honesty in the review of my vehicle and repairs done by other mechanics. I was told to have an old repair looked at before they did the alignment which did save me a hassle and wasted money. That was greatly appreciated.

As said before, I mean NO ILL WILL with this review. I respect the team at Matthey and they have a good reputation. I just think that educating your customer, leaving out small items from a checklist that do nothing by scare someone and giving them options will allow the customer to make a better decision and build trust with their mechanic.

A return call by the owner IS NOT NECESSARY.

Thank you.


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Great service. Only place I trust to service my car. Thanks!!

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Excellent as Always!! We are 10+ year customers - we wouldn't think of going anywhere else!