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They were very helpful, prompt and courteous service

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Great work reasonable prices

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Great job as usual. They got the work done the same day it was actually started. David explained too me clearly what was the problem and what I could be dealing with in the future. I have been there several times and will continue to use their services in the future.

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great service at a great price

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Good people

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I needed an immediate repair and McKays halped me out when I really needed them to. Thank you.

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I got there late but they took good care of me before they closed.

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Dan has provided outstanding service.

5 stars Verified customer

Dan was awesome, I called 30 min before arriving to get a price quote and when I showed up he pulled up the estimate and honored my quote which was awesome! Most places quote but then change the price because of adjustments in added oil or whatever reason(s) they want to come up with to overcharge you. But at McKays they did not change the price! I love that honorable attitude and attention! Great place to get your automotive needs done!!! Will return for sure!!



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Since 2009, my beautiful burgundy 1997 Cadillac Deville lay dead in my garage needing a new engine.

After putting family obligations first these past ten years, I was finally in a position to help the Cadillac.

I have been a McKay's customer for 15 years, so there was no doubt they could handle engine installation.

After removing the engine extensive damage cause by the engine overheating numerous times,

from coolant leaking and spraying everywhere, and from the 120+ degree heat from the summers

just sitting in the garage.

They showed me a manifold clogged virtually shut with metallic sediment.

Plastics around the AC unit was brittle and crumbled away like dust.

Seeing all the damage, my heart sank.

I knew then I had waited too long and chances were very slim that the Cadillac could work again.

It was obvious to McKay's how much I loved the Cadillac and I trusted them, knowing they would do

everything possible to save the car.

Over the next 6 weeks they kept me updated about their progress repairing the Cadillac.

They replaced rotted, brittle, and damaged components as they saw them.

They dropped a massive new engine into the Cadillac, and connected it with new reliable components.

The old starter was rusted solid, no problem, McKay's put a new one inside the engine.

The brakes were rusted so they replaced them and flushed the system.

Dan and Steve at McKay's thought we were in the home stretch but they found

a thick hard sludge covering to bottom of the gas tank.

Thankfully they were able to find a replacement gas tank, otherwise that sludge would have

ended up in the engine.

McKay's next saw that no fuel was getting to the cylinders and they found that all of the fuel injectors we fused.

They replaced the fuel injectors and the engine roared back to life.

So on 7/31/2019 Dan called and said come get your car!

I really couldn't believe it. I had seen that car sitting in my garage everyday for the past 10 years.

Now it was actually going to run again? It was unreal.

So I'm now at McKay's to get the car after 6 weeks.

Both Dan and Steve are grinning with pride and I know why.

They had literally taken a dead, damage, hopeless car, and saved it.

I saw all the damage, I know what they did, and I eternally grateful.

They treated the Cadillac as if it were a part of their family.

So I'm very tentative about driving the car until I see Dan just casually drive it to the front parking lot.

I thank McKay's for saving the Cadillac and get inside.

It's chilly inside, McKay's was actually able to save the air conditioner.

After seeing the damage to it, I thought they would just have to bypass it, so no A/C.

Actually the A/C was colder than I remembered!

I pulled out into traffic, very gently pressing the accelerator.

I was home in a few minutes, doing 15 to 20 mph the whole way.

It was amazing to pull the car into the garage under it's own power.

Drove the Cadillac more today, McKay's told me to put 500 miles on it, and then bring it back.

Got out on road, got it up to 25 mph, could not hear the engine, could not feel the engine, so quiet.

Got the Cadillac up to 50 mph, felt like it was still doing 25!

The engine is running BETTER than it did when I first bought the car!

When I used the brakes, that ratcheting sound was GONE, the brakes responded immediately.

Not only did McKay's rescue my car from the brink of death,

they also make my car BETTER than it ever was!

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, McKay's.

I knew it was the right decision to choose your shop for the job!