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With respect, love and knowledge!!

Great experience!

Front desk was great walking me theough express trupanion.

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From the time of check in to pick up after surgery, the staff at McKenzie Veterinary Services were awesome! Thank you one again for taking such good care of my girl!

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we came in to purchase some flea and tick medication that our vet had recommended. Dr Saloum made a note on our file which made it easy to pick up the prescription.

We were pretty shocked at the cost of 4 pills @ $273!

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I was impressed on how you all were understanding of our financial circumstance and kept the bill as reasonable as possible. We were also appreciated the care and attention you give to our dog. Even after her surgery you answered our concerns, even a day after returning our phone calls. You really care for her.

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Jessica was amazing when she checked us in. Drs Piercy and Rae were very informative and patient with us and our nerves!

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We were very disappointed with the lack of communication at your Veterinary Clinic. Not once, twice or three times BUT four different times we stated, clearly, that we did not consent to having any of Tula's teeth extracted at the time of her spay surgery. If this request was noted on Tula's file, as it most certainly needed to be, and thereby known by the surgeon on the morning of June 28th our misery need never have existed. Your clinic, in our opinion and experience over the years of having three of our female canine's spayed and two neutered, employs incompetent staff. There is always a reason for incompetence but NEVER an excuse. We do not excuse the way that June 28th unfolded and will be giving much thought and prayer in making the decision as to if/when we will continue Tula as your patient. One question: 'What part of NO do you not understand?' Responsible pet owners, such as ourselves, always have the ultimate say as to any/all procedures that our pet receives. Having teeth pulled is not a life threatening procedure for a 6 month healthy puppy. I suggest that your staff not only listen but HEAR what your customers request and expect of you. With respect for the Veterinarian who did Tula's surgery, the afternoon of June 28th, we say thank you and are pleased with your work. Tula is recovering exceedingly well and we anticipate a continued rise in her indelible; strong; healthy; and loving spirit in the days and weeks ahead. Sincere regards,

Ginnie & Harry Baker

McKenzie Veterinary Services replied:

It is regretful that you believe we were not listening to you. Our intention was not to ignore your decision but to make sure we offered you the options we believe are the best for both the welfare of your pet and your individual situation. To be clear, we were not pushing to remove the teeth at the time of the spay on June 28. Rather, we let you know there is a high likelihood that Tula's teeth will not come out on their own and suggested you wait a month or so to see if they do. That would leave you the option to have the teeth removed at the same time the spay is done if they don't fall out. Tula would only need to undergo one general anesthetic and it would be substantially less expensive for you to do both procedures at the same time.

We acknowledge that some of the information you provided when you came in for your appointment did not get communicated to whom it needed to. We discussed this on the phone with you and apologized for the errors.

We are sorry that you think we were not listening to you but please be assured that premium care for your pets and consideration for each owner's wishes and options are our primary concerns.

We will call you again to discuss this matter further.

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We have been coming to McKenzie Vet for over a decade. That in itself says something! A great bunch of people who provide wonderful care for our cat.

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Staff reached for our wounded Chihuahua just as soon as I walked in.

Provided updates for me when I asked after my dog. Allowed me to come in late to take her home. Gave very detailed after-care-instructions.

Friendly and professional! - thank you, ladies!

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Finn was neutered yesterday. The staff at McKenzie are so helpful with any questions or concerns. I really appreciated the Dr. calling after surgery to give me an update. Thank you also for the phone call next morning to follow up. Very kind and caring people.