95.0% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone at Medical Associates of Plano is friendly and kind. Dr. Philips goes the extra mile to help each patient feel comfortable and to be sure that they seek a complete health program.

5 stars Customer since 2004

I know I have been taken care off when I see Dr Philips and Violet .They make sure to check ever


4 stars Customer since 2012

They are the best,I would not change the for the world,They are both professional and family.

5 stars Customer since 2004

I always feel like I have been checked over and asked about my medications,to make sure everything is alright before I leave. I feel completely confidant in Dr Philips and Violet

4 stars Verified customer

Dr. Philips is wonderful!

5 stars Customer since 2004

Awesome group!

2 stars Customer since 2008

Came in for a blood test on my thyroid you guys ran more test then needed and i should not have to come back in for a prescripton and pay another co pay

Medical Associates of Plano replied:

Spoke with the patient and resolved.

We value you as a patient and appreciate you choosing us as the provider for your health care needs.


5 stars Customer since 2014

Excellent service, the staff was very friendly and handled my insurance and new patient paperwork quickly and efficiently. The Doctor was also great, she took her time and addressed all my questions and concerns. I will definitely return again for my medical needs.

1 stars Verified customer

Dr. Sunila Philip is not a good dr at all.The first visit I went, I stayed 1 hour and 25 minutes. I was so mad . When she came in to the room I was, I told her how exhausting it is to sit in a room more than an hour. She didn't say sorry to me. Amazingly she asked me why I came to see her. From my understanding she doesn't want to hear about my complaint and looks like "come to the point". My mood was completely changed. Then she sent me to diagnostic lab for blood chemistry. Then days later I was called from her clinic that I have arthritis . I was so horrified by the bad news. I am a mother of three young boys and 41 years old. Then after that I went back to the clinic to discuss about the issue and to get medicine. Then she proscribed me one arthritis medication and vitamin d. In the first place my blood chemistry doesn't show her anything abnormal rheumatoid factor. It was a normal one. Finally after she proscribed me the medicine she told me again that I don't have arthritis but my vitamin d level is too low. So I forgot every time to take my proscribed vitamin d (once per week). So I told her how I didn't take the medicine properly. Then her answer was " I have no medicine to remind you take your medicine". I was so shocked with the rough thing she said. She is absolutely an incompetent dr there is. I know there is no medicine for that, but as a physician she could have told me many ways that can help me.

She needs to learn how to handle her patients properly and with dignity. This is America, it is not India or any developing country. She forgot this:"Customers are right".

Medical Associates of Plano replied:

Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry to hear about your experience during your recent visit to the Practice. I am not a physician so will only respond to you regarding your customer service portion.... If she handled you in this manner - I am surprised as most of her patients praises her so this I find hard to believe. Never the less based on your visit date and your description I will discuss with her and do the needful. All our staff is trained to treat everyone equally.

4 stars Customer since 2004

The service provided by this office well above average. It is also clear the service is improving continually. When Dr Phillips bought the officer there several issues which have been addressed and for the most part.

The people are very friendly and want to be help to patients. There has been a larger turnover of staff in the last several months which makes the "feel" of the office a bit stiff and cold. However, I am confident that after they settle in and get to know the patients this will change.

Medical Associates of Plano replied:

Dear Mr.Bagby,

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate it very much in helping others find similar physician office.

Best regards,