What others had to say

4 stars Verified customer

Professional service;

3 stars Verified customer

Let's start with the good:

- Easy appointment scheduling

- Prompt service

- Convenient location

The bad:

- No-so-friendly staff

- Over-priced (exorbitant labor charges for simple procedures).

3 stars Verified customer

Quoted time of completion: 2 hrs

Actual wait time: 3.5 hrs

If staff knows they're going to be busy, be considerate of customers' time and be realistic about the wait time that you tell customers.

2 stars Verified customer

I dont care that someone went thru my car and had no reason to. Not sure what they were looking for. Im also not sure if I will return after this incident.

5 stars Verified customer

Great service.

5 stars Verified customer

The overall bill was somewhat higher than I had anticipated, however, do to the serious nature of the problem that needed repair I am very satisfied with the workmanship. Additionally the staff were very sociable & friendly but remained professional also.

3 stars Verified customer

Didn’t like the way the manager talked about customers while I was waiting, seemed very rude and very unprofessional. The time it took for my oil change wasn’t bad. Daniel M had knowledge on what he was doing.

I will return as a customer but management and some employees really need to be more professional especially when they have customers in there waiting. Complaining about other employees or about customers is not the way to go for a business.