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I am a fairly new customer at Midas. The last place I was going too, repeatedly gave me horrible customer service. I am always so amazed at the high level of customer service that is provided. Kyle really exceeded my expectations last week. He took a situation and corrected it with the utmost professionalism. I will continue to return and tell others about you.

4 stars Verified customer

Everyone is always friendly and helpful and wants to get you the best deal. They'll never bully you into spending more money than you need to. Also, free coffee and wifi!

5 stars Verified customer

This Midas center was wonderful in fitting me into their already busy schedule and with only short notice. They are consistently friendly and know me by name. I highly recommend!

5 stars Verified customer

Wonderful service. Always get treated with respect and honesty!

Good job by mechanics! Friendly place!

Sergio and Sile Torres

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Fast, efficient service with excellent communication about automobile condition and options for repairs. Straightforward responses to my decisions about repairs. Clear interest in my business.

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I am always thrilled with the service I get from this team.

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5 stars Verified customer

Kyle was the Midas representative that helped me.He was very professional.

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This was a scary experience. I came in first on March 4th. They took off my brakes and inspected them and lubed and cleaned Caliper Brackets. Cost 135.17, Invoice#0094006. I was told that I would need to get my Outer Left Tie Rod Replaced, was quoted $241.20, Estimate #0109980. I was scheduled for March 11th at 2pm for Tie Rod replacement. After I left on March 4th my brakes were soft (did not slow car down) then started working but were making a grinding sound. Monday March 6th, I called twice and spoke to Chris and Kyle about brake issues since appointment on the 4th. Both assured me it was fine, and that the parts were adjusting, and that they would look at them on the 11th.

March 9th at 2:09pm I received an email to confirm appointment for the 11th. I confirmed.

March 11th. I arrive and was told by Kyle that I was never scheduled. I put up a wonderful stink because; 1. I was scheduled, 2. I needed to get the tie rod replaced because it would be dangerous if I didn't based on what Chris told me, and 3. my brakes were grinding since my appointment a week prior. They got me in.

Two hours later one of the mechanics came out and "mumbled" to Kyle "Well, now she is going to be even more angry." IT TURNS OUT THEY NEVER PUT MY BACK RIGHT BRAKE PADS BACK ON AT MY APPOINTMENT ON THE 4TH. I WAS DRIVING FOR A WEEK WITHOUT BRAKE PADS! Lucky for them I kept my cool because I just wanted to get out of there. The fact is, if I did not get my brakes checked again I could have damaged my car, got in a car accident, and possibly been killed or kill someone else in said accident. So yeah, anger was warranted.

They ordered a new rotor that did not fit, and then told me that my rotor was not that damaged, and that they would not let me leave with an unsafe car. I chose to believe them, but have kept the paperwork from all of this just in case they were not being honest with me again.

After all of this they only discounted me $20 (Invoice# 00941235) based on my estimate from a week prior (Estimate# 0109980).

This was truly a scary experience. And to the mechanic that said I would be more angry, um yeah, duh.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone was super friendly and helpful