94.6% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

very friendly, went all threw car, submitted photos, spoke with me in detail and quoted me, received everything on paper

5 stars Verified customer

I always have a good experience at Midas. They are prompt with their service, they are always very friendly and I do not think that their prices are unrealistic. The Midas people are like home to me (especially Susan). I have been going there for a long time and will continue to do so.

5 stars Verified customer

Everyone at Midas has always gone out of their way to educate me along with providing the best service. The lengths the team went to keep my family safe and to be just genuinely good people have blown me away, thank you so so much!

4 stars Verified customer

Nice people.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent.fast and professional

3 stars Verified customer

Ignore what type of service customer requested for. e.g. balancing!

Don't know whether online form doesn't display on service center

1 stars Verified customer

Took my car in for a simple oil change with everything working fine and now it won't start and they're telling me I need to pay 200+ dollars to fix it. On top of this, I had an appointment for 3 and they came out an hour later to tell me not only had they not done the oil change but my car wouldn't start, so I was late to work. Not sure what they were doing for that entire hour in between or why they couldn't have told me sooner. I tried to jumpstart my car and it didn't work, so it seems the problem is not the battery. I don't know what they did to my car but I am incredibly displeased that something so simple has turned into this. I do not trust Midas and I will not be returning.

5 stars Verified customer

Great service. I made my appointment online and received a confirmation within several hours as promised. I showed up at the appointment time and was warmly greeted and things were set in motion right away. A lot of places delay you because they're unorganized. About 45 minutes later, my car was ready. I received both a text and phone call with details on work performed and recommended. I left hapoy!

4 stars Verified customer

showed you what was wrong and make suggestions

2 stars Verified customer

I went in with three action items, one needed a fix and two to evaluate. With the car immobilized on the lift, it was subjected to a an unauthorized and exhaustive inspection. Basically, it seemed Midas took the opportunity to drum up additional business (not that the additional items found were not valid, but I was on a very limited time budget and my actions items were not attended to until nearly two hours into what I had budgeted as a one hour appointment).

Well, all's well that ends, even if I was very late back to work. Unfortunately, a metal-on-metal squeal from the left front wheel well followed me, so there was an immediate return trip (disassembly found "nothing", but reassembly fixed the noise).

So overall, I'm disappointed. I have had decent luck with Midas in the past and had favored them over the dealer, where similar drum-up-additional-business practice has long been SOP. I guess it was inevitable Midas should adopt a similar business model. Does this mean the end of my visiting Midas? Probably not, as Midas is quite a bit closer than the dealer and generally able to accommodate my needs on short order (the dealer seems to always have a weeks long work backlog).