98.0% would refer friends and family to us

3 stars Customer since 1994

I wasn't greeted upon entering the dental clinic and sat there for a while before being acknowledged. After a while the hygienist reviewed my paperwork and then walked me back to her station. The hygienist performed her work very well, as did the dentist.

5 stars Customer since 1982

I been with Dr Colvin since 1982 with his retirement I was able to meet the new Dr I do believe he will be a great for the dental industry I recently went to get a crown after my visit the receptionist asked for payment I wasn't aware I needed to pay that day she said this has been going for 3 years. Due pay asap I will be looking else where thank you

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent facilities, very personable employees and great doctors.

4 stars Customer since 1996

On time and very friendly. Makes me feel comfortable.

5 stars Customer since 1989

Great care and I was able to be seen right away.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Friendly.....on time!!!

1 stars Customer since 2015

Having gone about 45 years without cavities, I was surprised to be informed by the dentist that I had two... I don't recall what he called them, but he didn't use the word cavities. And he just stated I had these two things. He didn't say what I should do to follow up. So I thought to myself "OK, I'll keep this all in mind". And then I was asked to sign a consent for treatment. Again, I thought "OK, I guess." I wasn't shown what I was signing; just given a little black screen that showed nothing; it didn't even show my signature. So I go out to the lobby to schedule my next cleaning six months from now, and I find myself being offered a time for next week. What? Turns out I'm supposed to come back next week to take care of these two things. Really? The technician comes back out to explain these two "things" are cavities, just pinpricks really, and that the consent for treatment is to have them drilled and filled in. They're so small I probably won't even need painkiller. Lovely. And surprising... new dentist, and suddenly I have these two, REALLY small cavities that need to be taken care of next week. Not impressed. The cleaning was fine, as always. Not impressed with the diagnosis of the exam. Not impressed with explanation of the exam. Not impressed with the dentist providing no options. Not impressed with how the office has you "sign" forms. Overall: not impressed.

5 stars Verified customer

New doc seemed "real" which is a great compliment.

3 stars Customer since 2003

I think we really like the new dentist, Dr. Vande Walle. Our issue lies in the fact that we still can't see a consistent hygienist. The temps that you've had in have been friendly, but I feel their work is So-So. I don't understand why it took almost an hour to clean my teeth. There were no issues. We really would prefer to see the same hygienist each visit. We understand that sometimes scheduling issues arise, but why can't we get another hygienist hired who will be consistent? I will be more likely to miss work/school for my kids in order to see Abby, since she's at least consistent.

These frustrations are making it difficult to stay with you. We haven't "jumped ship" yet, but we're frustrated. I used to walk into that office and feel welcomed and comfortable with everyone there. I no longer feel that way. I really hope some changes can happen, because we'd like to stay with you.

To be clear, we understand that trying to make all these changes is time consuming and difficult. We're just hoping we have more positive experiences than we've had since Dr. Colvin's & Rita's retirement.

Also, why did I have to fill out new patient forms when we aren't new patients? I understand there's a new dentist, but where is our old information? I joked about the question, "why did you leave this dentist?" and answered with, "I didn't. He left me." Haha...that's funny, but that form seems superfluous when we've been patients there for 10+ years.

Thanks for reading about my frustrations! Please continue to work hard to make the changes you feel are necessary! I'm sure we'll be happy again soon!!! Thank you!

Midwest Dental Onalaska replied:

Hi Kelli. We really appreciate you sharing with us! We have left you a voicemail, so when you can, please give us a call. We would love to speak with you further as we understand the importance of you and your families happiness with our office.

5 stars Verified customer

Staff is great! New dentist is great!

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