Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Vista

4 stars Customer since 2016

Always have a great experience. Great place to bring your pets.

3 stars Customer since 2008

I was a little disappointed in the Dr. not checking Sprockets' heart. She is being seen for heart issues, and the Dr. didn't even listen to her heart, or ask any questions concerning the condition. I also feel the prices are a little on the high side. I love the staff, however, I feel the care is more money driven, then patient care.

1 stars Customer since 2016

I am pretty bummed because I took my cat it for something I believed to be big deal (a tooth of hers had gotten pulled out and she was bleeding), It turned out that it was just a baby tooth that got pulled out a bit early and there was no problem at all and I was in and out in less than 10 min. What really upset me was I was charged practically 50 dollars for a doctor to look at my cat for at most 5 minutes and tell me nothing was wrong, that her tooth falling out was normal, and then proceeded to try and up-sell me vaccines and set up an appointment to spay my cat. I actually considered it before this whole circumstance because of the discount spay option, but after the 50 dollar charge for a vet opening my cats mouth I will not be returning...

4 stars Verified customer

Very clean and nice place! The workers are all very friendly and answer all your questions.

2 stars Customer since 2003

First when calling in (i have been a cutomer for quite some time) for appt the recept could NOT locate my records...Under My Name which i gave her two names, NOR under my phone number, and heres the icing on the cake, NOR my pets name...Then i go pull out my account number from an old receipt and give it to her...and VOILA there i am !!! Secondly, being bombarded with the enormous amount of tests, xrays, blood work....we were looking at 2,000 dollars,,,, REALLY !! Thirdly, i suggested that we take steps to figure out what is wrong without paying money UNNECESSARILY for TESTS that are UNNECESSARY....still the bill on the 'steps' which were 2 xrays, and drawing fluid out of abdomen and waiting for results...OVER 700 some pt i truly believe that if we are spending money like this to figure out the 'cause' of treatment why cant the Office Visit be waived....

5 stars Customer since 2008

They were awesome!! The staff is very kind and helpful.

1 stars Verified customer

Not too happy with our recent visits. The vet we have been seeing for a few years is suddenly no longer working here. I had to question the unnecessary $61.20 Wellness Exam that is ALWAYS charged on every visit even though my dog is not sick and just in for vaccines or a health certificate. This time, I asked for another health certificate since we are traveling again next month and they declined saying we needed to come back at least 10 days prior to traveling and once again pay $61.20 Wellness Exam on top of the health certificate. I honestly feel like I am getting scammed into paying this expensive and unnecessary Wellness Exam, they even mentioned they have 3 other exams that are less expensive but "it is necessary we pay the most expensive one $61.20 on each visit". Plus, the new doctor we saw (Dr Simon) spoke with us about this, said she was going to discuss it with her manager and come back to let me know and she never came back, she sent a vet technician to once again explain the charges and she was rude about it. The other location in Carlsbad is worse. I am dissappointed in this clinic with their fees. I feel like it is an upsell and scam. Plus, the way they handled my dog was rough. When she was getting her vaccines, one of the techs were holding her by the neck too hard almost choking her, had I not been there to tell her I would hold my dog, she might have been injured. Not a good thing.

1 stars Customer since 2016

To expensive

5 stars Customer since 2015

Always great service :)

5 stars Customer since 2012

loving care