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5 stars Customer since 2014

Making the appointment was simple; we were seen in two days. The receptionist was friendly on the phone. We did have to wait about 15 minutes after the appointment time, but the staff was friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about my daughter. Dr. Bayless was informative, efficient, and personable. You can't ask for much more in a visit than that.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Appointment was very quick, so it was nice to go in and be seen right away. Son was caught off guard a little with everything going on and moving so quickly, a bit rushed (he's 3 and has only gone to the dentist twice before). But he seemed to keep up with it okay and was happy to hear that his hard work of brushing and flossing has been working--no cavities!

5 stars Customer since 2013

The best pediatric dentists and staff every kids and parents could wish for! Very professional and so good with kids!

5 stars Customer since 2012

Another great visit from the beginning to the end!

5 stars Customer since 2004

Dr. Bayless is the best! My son has been seeing him for over 10 years. Wish I was young enough that he could be my dentist!

4 stars Customer since 2015

great place, considerate of my time and professional.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Dr. Bayless and staff are always so friendly!

4 stars Verified customer

Our daughter had 4 cavities and Dr Bayless also recommended sealants on her last set of molars (others had been done previously). This took 2 appointments. We had the office do an insurance confirmation, but didn't wait until it was completed before we did the appointments (6 and 7 weeks later). The first paid as expected, but the second said we had reached the calendar year maximum and was about $400 more than expected. If we had known this we would have waited until January to finish the treatment, since the cavities were small, she was in no pain, and sealants definitely could have waited. Hind sight is 20/20.

5 stars Verified customer

I have heard in the community over and over that "Dr. Bayless is the best!" I have to agree. He treated my 6 year old daughter with respect, kindness and compassion. And what kid doesn't love a little magic from their dentist to calm the nerves?

3 stars Verified customer

I have very mixed feelings about our experience here. We are new to the area and your office came highly recommended. My 3 yo son really enjoyed going to our dentist in our previous town. From the moment you walked into our previous dentist's office, it was geared towards children. The staff was respectful of the children and explained all of the tools and procedures before starting anything.

Sadly, that was not our experience at Dr. Bayless' practice. The staff spoke to him in a high pitched voice (would you speak like that to an adult? Then why are you doing that to a child?). When we arrived in the patient room, he was nervous. The staff member spoke over me to provide patient education while I tried to assure him and finish our paperwork (my fault on that one, I know). The staff member talking over him and me just increased his stress. Furthermore, I was told to restrain him for the cleaning and examination from the get-go. At the previous dentist, he was always able to sit independently at his exam, or at the most, with his head in my lap as a PBS cartoon played above him. Also unlike his previous hygienist, who always showed the tools and explained what was going to happen, nothing was said and it just increased his stress. Again. So I started with the verbal prompts myself after realizing it wasn't going to be done. By this time, he was stressed and I HAD to hold him. I've never had to restrain him at a doctor's office, even for vaccinations.

Dr. Bayless was warm and friendly upon entering. I am pleased with our course of treatment. My son had to have sealants put on his teeth (due to deep tooth grooves). That wasn't pleasant for him but I think it was made worse by all of his pent up stress until that point.

To further illustrate my differences in experience between our old place and this office, I will say that I witnessed no less than a dozen other children getting care at the old office. Some were a little shy or nervous but there was not a single tear. (4 different appointments there over the course of two years, many kids, and no tears or cries were ever heard.) During my one hour in this office, I saw four children of different ages receive care and they ALL were crying/yelling. When we left, I could hear them from outside the office on our way to the parking lot.

Overall, while the technical care was fine, I'm disappointed that all of the positive associations of going to the dentist were most likely damaged, if not destroyed, for my child by our visit here. As parents, we want to set the stage for a lifetime of successful dental care, without fear. I don't want to return but there doesn't seem to be many options in the area.