95.4% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

They were kind and accommodating to my pets needs and provided the utmost care.

1 stars Customer since 2021

Horrible experience. Very rude and impatient Vet.

5 stars Customer since 2009

They have a great team. Dr Herman is the best! Very honest and matter of fact but knows exactly what she's doing. I trust my fur babies care with them.

5 stars Customer since 2009

They provide excellent care. I have a cat that went in on July 4th because I couldn’t get through to my regular vet. Cat had 2 surgeries and is fine now. I have 4 dogs, one of whom has diabetes that is not yet well controlled. Dr. Herrmann is a rock star!

5 stars Customer since 2021

Unfortunately, the first time when I visited the clinic was to euthanize my beloved pet. Dr Herrmann was very understanding, compassionate and caring for all. (My girl, my husband and me)

My second visit was way different, I brought my new puppy to be check. I want that she has the excellent care and compassion that all the staff shows while providing they service.

Looking forward to our new path to happiness with our new family member along with doctor Herrmann and her stuff!

5 stars Customer since 2021

Dr. Herrmann is EXCELLENT...could not have received better care for our very ill dog...she was so very honest...and performed all appropriate testing...will never forget our experience with her professionalism and tender care. Thank you so much Doctor...and to those of you wondering, rest assured this place is first rate to take your loved furry friends.

5 stars Customer since 2010

My pup received excellent care after a walk in the park ended up with a foxtail in his eye. I highly recommend Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Hospital.

5 stars Customer since 2021

Very friendly and helpful staff , even at 9pm. Doctor took care of our Boy and we picked him up the next morning with precise instructions for his care. Willy is doing great.

5 stars Customer since 2018

Saved our dog’s life with accurate diagnosis and emergency surgery.

We are so grateful!

2 stars Customer since 2021

I took our 7 month old puppy who became acutely unwell with cough lethargy and fever to this facility late in the evening after being unable to be seen at the other emergency vet .

The tech in the evening was great - kind and attentive. The vet seemed efficient and competent. We were sent home with antibiotics and a cough med. Our puppy’s condition deteriorated markedly over the next few hours - she had almost constant cough and was coughing up mucus everywhere . She could not rest and started vomiting - my concern was she couldn’t keep her meds down . I called at 3 am and the tech that answered was rude and uncaring . Tried to tell me this was normal . This was far from normal - my dog was in respiratory distress . I videotaped her in respiratory distress but they didn’t want to see it and didn’t appear to care . After puppy started coughing out mucus containing blood 2 hours later I took her back . The tech was rude when I arrived - I started to tell her what had been happening with puppy in the 2 hours since I’d called only to be cut off by her saying “ you already told me that !”

I had been up with our pup all night by this time and was shocked . The vet was no better - basically downplayed what I described - REFUSED to look at the video of her displaying the concerning symptoms she’d had for hours ! What kind of vet is that ? Animals will often display calmer behavior in clinic due to adrenaline release so owner description and ideally video is a valuable tool for medical providers. Basically the vet gave her a shot of an effective cough med that also allowed puppy to sleep for the first time since her illness began 18 hours before .If only she had listened to my report the first time I took puppy and given her the effective med via the most effective route then we would have avoided all the suffering and stress that affected the whole family . Thankfully puppy is on the mend and I will follow up with her regular vet . I will never go back to this clinic . My 2 stars are for the tech on the pm shift and the fact they were able to see us quickly .

On a side note the vet seemed most concerned with pups build which was described as lean normal by our 2 other regular vets - she said she was thin and had weighed in at 25 lbs . Her last weight at our regular vet was 27 lbs -a 2 lb weight loss is of concern . Well when I brought her back that at 530 for the recheck her weight was recorded at 27.2 lbs ? For an emergency clinic this is concerning that they can’t measure weights accurately - as medication doses are weight based .