92.9% would refer friends and family to us

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We love the Cate you provide for all our pets

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I feel like the vet is condescending and it feels like a lot of extra testing is asked for that results in nothing but is very expensive. My husband said it's like buying a car. A lot of up selling. Using your love of your pet to guilt you into costly services.

5 stars Customer since 1992

The staff that knows me were really cordial and efficient. The new staff needs a little training, they will learn as they gain experience.

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The appointment went well. But after the appointment my truck would not start. My AAA service came out and were unable to start my truck, and said my truck was too large for him to tow, and left. I then called AAA and they transfered my call to Civic tow. They said it was after hours and they could not tow me as far as El Cerrito, then put me on hold, then hung up. Then I callled AAA, and they put me on hold. I then went into the Animal Care Clinic, and they used their computer to look up the number of R & R Towing in El Cerrito for me. I was still on hold for AAA, so I hung up and called R & R, and they dispatched a truck. I thank you so much for your help.

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The staff is super friendly and they love my Sasha butt. I feel totally confident that they will treat her well anytime she is in their care!

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5 stars Verified customer

Absolutely amazing. Wonderful service, sweetest people both working behind the desk, and the technicians who helped bandage up my hurt puppy. I didn't have to wait at all even though it was an emergency. The Dr. wasn't supposed to take any emergency visits because she was so busy, but I'm guessing she snuck us in on her lunch. They were very kind, not pushy on recommended services at all. And most importantly, we have a healthy pup.

5 stars Customer since 2016

It's very good service they save my two -year-old dogs life with pancreatitis.

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The Animal Care Clinic team makes us feel welcome and comfortable even in stressful situations. I'm so thankful to have a veterinarian like Dr. Dunning , The whole entire staff really does make it easier. Amazing customer service and extremely professional.

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I have been a client for 15 years and I been consistently happy with the care my pets have received. The staff is skilled, kind and loving towards the animals we trust in their care.