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What others had to say

5 stars

I have been going to Planet and Dr. Dan Fricke in particular for years. I started there due to an acute injury which was resolved promptly and affordably. I now go for spinal health maintenance and the occasional sports related injury. I also take my kiddos to him for injuries, allergies and general spinal health checkups. If they need adjusting - he adjusts them. If they don't - he pays them on the back for a job well done staying healthy!

Dr. Dan and the staff of Planet have worked with me to make my care affordable( I am a single mom working full time), accessible and appropriate! They help me remain committed to health and fitness in my life and my childrens' lives!

1 stars

So I was promised an 80% chance of improvement and went into debt for treatment. The pain is pretty much gone because my whole leg has been numb since. Cuopldn't work anymore and can't my bill so I ask these guys to cancel my debt and you offer more treatments? why do more treatments if the first one caused permanent paralysis to my leg and toes? Doesn't stop the bill collectors from calling mee every day though. I guess I signed the waiver. Thanks planet