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I had a most positive experience with the consummate professionals at Myrtle Beach Dental Associates. I am new to the area and unexpectedly lost a crown late at night. I emailed the practice and asked if it might be possible to get an appointment. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from an office receptionist at 9:00 the next morning, inviting me to come in as soon as possible to fill out paperwork and be examined by Dr. Berry. My visit to the office was a very pleasant and productive one, I was examined and worked on by three professionals: Dr. Berry, Jana, and Annie. They were very generous with their time, made me feel relaxed and comfortable, and diagnosed the issue. By the time I left the office Dr. Berry had taken X-Rays, modified the crown, and set up a follow up visit. Needless to say, I'm delighted to be a patient with the Myrtle Beach Dental Associates, and would highly recommend this practice to any prospective patient. Thank you again to Dr. Berry, Jana, and Annie.

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Siegmund Eye Care

5 stars 1645 reviews

So happy that y'all still take my insurance! Wouldn't want to go anywhere else! Always so helpful!
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Myrtle Beach Spine Center

5 stars 602 reviews

My family came to Myrtle Beach visiting our friends, Bob and Kristen for a quick 4 day vacation. The day prior to our departure - I had hurt my back somehow. I tried to ignore the pain while on vacation however I could not hide my discomfort. My friend Bob noticed that I was walking with a slight lean. He asked me what I had done and the pain I was feeling. He suggested taking me to the Myrtle Beach Spine Center informing me that they had done wonders for him. I certainly was not apposed to them helping to relieve my pain. Once there, I was greeted warmly and then evaluated by Joe. He helped determine the level of pain and narrow down the possible location of the pain. Dr. Michael Gambacorta then met with me and reviewed Joe's evaluation. Dr. Gambacorta took a few x-rays of my spine and informed me that he would review the x-rays to better determine what was possibly causing my pain and how best to treat the problem. Dr. Gambacorta then sent me back to Joe while he reviewed my x-rays. Joe placed a pulsating device on my lower back and had me lay flat on my back using massaging table for approximately 15 minutes. This immediately helped relax my back issue but the best was yet to come. After my time on the massage table was over I was politely asked to go to a waiting room where Dr. Gambocorta would educate me on his evaluation and findings of my x-rays. Dr. Michael educated me on the x-rays informing me where the problem might be coming from. He then instructed me as to how he was going to correctly align my spine to better relieve my discomfort. Dr. Gambocorta then did exactly what he was going to do and I felt so much better. I can say I was walking upright with little to no pain. Dr. Gambocorta asked me if I had time to consider returning before my flight home. I was not 100% sure about my family's departure time (which happens to be the next day) so when I returned and spoke to the boss (my wife). She informed me that were not leaving until 4:00pm so if I wanted to return to the Spine Center of Myrtle Beach to please do so. My friend and host Bob Ensey offered to bring me back for an additional treatment. When I returned to the Spine Center Dr. Michael and Dr. Torri both asked me how I was feeling. I informed them that I was significantly better and looking forward to an additional treatment. After my second treatment had concluded and on my way home. My friend Bob asked me what I thought about my experience at the Spine Center. I said to Bob that I am not a deeply religious man however "Dr. Gambacorta's hands have been touched by God". Thanks to all of you at the Spine Center of Myrtle Beach! Bob Pomponio Lutherville, Maryland
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