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I came to new dawn at the 16th week of my pregnancy and was told I would be able to meet with every midwife in the practice. The majority of my appointments were with two midwives who are no longer participating in births. This was up to my 32nd week appointment where I met with a new midwife. After a trip to my hometown I got back into asheville with preterm bleeding. ( you can imagine my fear and after a complication free pregnancy) I expressed my concerns to her at my appointment the following day. She completely dismissed my worries and just "chalked" it up to after sex bleeding ( once again something that never happend before) she did; however, send me for an ultrasound at asheville ob/gyn for an ultrasound because I was measuring ahead. I was told that my baby, and placenta looked fine, but I did have a "little" excess amniotic fluid. Fast forward a day and a half later and I was in labor. I was having severe back pain when I called the midwife on call (whom I had never met) and she said it just sounds like your baby is just pushing on your back. Within two hours I lost my mucus plus and my waters ruptured. This being my first pregnancy I was very scared. So, I called angie back and said I need to go to the hospital, she sounded reluctant, but agreed to meet my partner and I there. Once we were in the admissions the staff confirmed that our daughter was on her way and that I was having contractions about 2-4 minutes apart and that I was no longer able to be under the care of new dawn. Luckily, mahec took great care of my daughter and I . She did have a short stay in the nicu, but had zero complications. The thing that really got me the most is the day after I gave birth I was in nicu with my daughter and the midwife who I had my final appointment with came to visit us even after I requested no visitors from the new dawn practice. She had the audacity to shrug off my comments about the preterm bleeding once again in nicu even though I'm very certain its why she came early. Also, another midwife went into my room at the hospital and left a note looking for us. My families privacy was not respected after a traumatic birth and I am appauled at how this practice conducted themselves not only before my child's birth, but after as well.