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My yard has become the envy of my neighbors!

5 stars Customer since 2018

My front yard is starting to look amazing thanks to Newell Lawn services, they came and did an amazing job in the back yard as well, top service

3 stars Customer since 2017

Overall service is what is expected, however I have noticed the lack of attention to detail as of late versus when my service initially began. Examples; grass clippings spewed all through the yard after cutting has been completed. Failure to properly blow stray grass after edging,. After bed blitz failure to pull errand weeds out of flower beds during visit to cut grass. It was my hope that the attention to my landscape from your company would be better than if I did it myself. I will continue with grass cutting service but will not expand beyond that.

Newell Lawn Services LLC replied:

Ken thank you for reaching out to newell lawn service. we will note the grass haze in the yard and the edges. We are working hard w/ all the rain to get wet and heavy grass back to standard practices. The weeds in the beds are not a weekly event. Are clients call in for schedule weeding at a costs to spray w/ a certified technician. Krn is correct there is no attention to the beds weekly because it is not part of the weekly cutting program... Thank you for the relationship and we will work herder for that curb appeal...mark newell / newell lawn and landscape

5 stars Customer since 2010

Newell Lawn Service is always on point when we have a snow. Mark always calls me first and lets me know what they will doing to our property in case of snow. After they have come out Mark always call me and ask how the property is. If there are any issues they always come out anytime.

We are very happy with the service they provide.

5 stars Customer since 2017

They arrive on schedule and do a very nice job week after week.

4 stars Verified customer

The service is a little on the expensive side especially those on a fixed budget. Would like to see after service are render the company leave a notification of what was accomplished on the property for the homeowner to review via either email or paper posting. This leave little room for guessing? Most companies have a complementary service (i.e. blowing debris from the windows) after Lawncare is been done this one does not. In addition, you don’t have the option to pay online it’s either money order, cashiers check, or check which isn’t really practical this day in age everything is pretty much paid online. The times vary when they come to the property but the service is always outstanding.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Does a great job!

5 stars Customer since 2017

The workers show up on schedule and do a fine job manicuring my lawn.

3 stars Customer since 2011

I no longer employ your service. Please remove me from your e-mail system.

Thank you

Allyson Day

1 stars Verified customer

Rambles on like a car salesman, can't get a word in. Doesn't come when he says he's coming, and doesn't call to let you know either. Very unprofessional in my opinion.

Newell Lawn Services LLC replied:

The client was promised a landscape enhancement thet could take up to three days (September 13th through September 15th). The job began Wednesday at 8 am sharp with 8 men instead of 5...Our team finished 90% of the job on Wednesday with the help of the extra men .The client was told that due to drainage run off that there would need to be an additional two tons of river jack rock to finish the job...The price to do so was given w/ no additional labor charge...The client told my men she would be home the next day and that she would like a walk through before the job was done....I let her know that we would be there between 10 and 12 ...We did not get there until 1 pm due to the stone yard vendor we deal with had not received their rock delivery for are needs...We talked on the phone and she was disappointed we did not get there by 12. We set this job up originally w/ the client not home and we would guarantee are work with a walk through when we are done...With the extra labor we finished the job in 14 hours or 112 man hours...my crew leader walked with her and said the job looked great...Wasn't just great it was amazing...We finished a day early and that her only disappointment was that I did not call her when it was after 12...WE did not realize she had to be there to finish the job..It was started without her and we called to let her know we were on the property...The client also said the men were very professional...I have over 1400 client relationships we work with yearly and we are blessed to have worked w/ most over 18 years...We have always respected the client and made sure we walk through to exceed expectations...We are sorry for the missed call at 12... WE reached out to the client throughout the whole experience. The job does look amazing w/ before and after picture we have and we really worked hard to get it done on a timeline....thanks for the chance to earn the relationship newell lawn service