Dream It. Position It. Get It.

Dream It (Your Vision) - Visualizing the goals you want to achieve is the first step to reaching your goals.

Position It (Next Level Sports) - This is the step in which over 90% of the population fail to achieve. Creating a plan of action to position yourself for the greatest possibility of success is pivotal.

Get It (Your Reality) - This is where the rubber meets the road. Now is the time to let the chains loose and show off what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Next level Sports and Fitness is the premier athletic and fitness training organization in Gainesville, FL. Contrary to most fitness organizations, we have an executive team comprised of top-notch athletes who have successfully competed in their specific sport at premier programs throughout the country. This translates into knowledge-based training that has never been accessible to the regular Joe or the high school athlete looking to improve his/her game.

Enhancing you physically, mentally and spiritually is the main goal of the

NLSFitness team through expert athletic-style training based upon tried and true methods of the world's most elite athletes and proprietary routines constructed by NLSFitness.

Next Level Sports and Fitness, through years of training, learning and researching has developed an extremely simple and effective method of achieving what are considered as insurmountable goals.

Founder Zephrin Augustine explains," If you can, start by just remembering and saying D.P.G (Dream It,Position It, Get It) then you are verbally committing yourself to the right track."


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Zephrin Augustine