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Calico was not in good shape. We had no idea what happened to her. Dr. Rose saw us shortly after we arrived, checked Calico, and said we needed to have some tests done. The tests turned out ok, except for a kidney count that was off. Calico was very quiet at this time, and even put up with having her temp. taken rectally. We knew then that something was very wrong. The only thing to be done at this time was a wait-and -see approach. The next morning her kidneys were not working, and she was passing blood. Nothing showed on xrays the previous day.

She was failing rapidly, in pain, and the conclusion was that the best thing would be to put her down, much as that hurt us. Dr. Rose was very kind, and gave us straight answers. Conclusion was she fell from something high, got wedged, or maybe another animal got her (unlikely, as no marks). Whatever it was, she was failing too fast . We spent a lot of time with her, and then she went over the rainbow bridge. That is it in a nutshell. Everyone was was SUPER great , and they did the very best they could. Thank You, and We love you all.

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They handled my case quickly and treated my cat with the same level of care and concern I have. This was the second time I have used this clinic and would not hesitate to go back again.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Friendly and attentive staff. Explained everything clearly and very detailed.

5 stars Customer since 2017

My dog got kennel cough from doggie daycare and it was terrifying. He seemed like he was choking at times. My vet's office was closed and had two emergency vet offices listed on their website. I trust my vet office and the yelp reviews were positive so I took my dog here. Since they were open 24 hours, I did not call ahead and just showed up around 5 am. I soon found out from the front office person that kennel cough was a serious issue as it was airborne. She wasn't very pleasant to us after this discovery and rushed us into a room for isolation. Long story short, we remained in this room until everything was done, including payment for services. I was told to carry my dog out so I did as instructed. The vet was very nice and understanding so it made up for the front office person. I would go back but call ahead next time. Then maybe I can avoid the attitude.

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They took my dog back immediately upon arriving to treat him for an allergic reaction to a rabies shot. The doctor explained everything in detail and we were confident that our dog was going to be ok by the time we took him home.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Everyone was extremely professional and the facilities were clean and well cared for, and the people working there appeared to care well for the pets and animals under their care. They had free coffee/tea/water in the waiting room and the prices were acceptable.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Couldn't have found a better place, all of the staff there were super friendly and nice, the building was nice and clean, theybdid an amazing job with my dogs surgery, she's almost back to normal. I would recommend to anyone in the area or if your in an emergency situation like myself. Prices are overly expensive like one may expect. Thank you all for your help with my angel baby!

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My beloved cat Anne, my deceased wife's cat. I had promised her I would love and and take care of Anne for the rest of her life, and it has turned out to be a very long life. Anne lost consciousness at home. When I got her to North Peninsula, she was barely alive. The team took her and worked very hard to bring her back. So far, it is a miracle. Not home yet, but getting there.

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As always your staff and doctors are truly amazing. Always get amazing and over and beyond great care.

The staff is so caring and they make you feel very comfortable!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my Pup Candy!!!!

Thank you for being there working the late shift. Thank you for being who you guys are and the knowledge of what you guys do. Thank you for keeping Candy alive.

Your staff and Docs are the best ;)

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Your staff and vets were wonderful!