4 stars Customer since 2016

Doctor Hovde was friendly, concerned and very knowledgeable. However, the tech who checked us in and took preliminary information from us, and the assistant at the front desk who took payment were both unfriendly and we did not feel welcome at all. Neither cracked a smile or friendly word during our entire visit. We've been there twice before and both these previous times, all the vet techs and front desk assistants were extremely friendly and helpful, even though they were VERY busy during these two previous visits.

3 stars Customer since 2017

I am wondering why the security door? Did something bad happen?

The wait was long both times.

The price was enormous

The vet was nice, and seemed to know her field, but the next steps are unsure

So I will probably be following up with a Mon-Friday Vet.

I am greatfull they were open.

1 stars Verified customer

My severely ill dog got fleas while in their kennel for an hour, huge red bites all over her abdomen and legs that were NOT there when I brought her in. I saw a flea on her later while there! And they admitted they had just treated rescue dogs with fleas, but not willing to say that is how she got those bites and instead said it was a rash from some unknown source. While it is admirable they are treating rescue dogs, at least clean the place afterwards! The place looks run down and the vet was not helpful and said things in her report that were not accurate. We need a better ER vet in San Mateo!

1 stars Customer since 2017

Excellent service and care from everyone at the clinic.

4 stars Customer since 2017

Great Staff! Our Doberman pup apparently is satisfied with the support with her leg injury

5 stars Customer since 2017

They are Great . Took Greatcare of my dog Poncho

5 stars Verified customer

I took my yorkie to North Peninsula Veterinary Emergency Clinic on a Sunday evening. The receptionist (Joanne) was very nice and professional. She explained the two vets were in surgery and it might be a little wait. Within 30 minutes, a vet tech took the dog's vitals and we were able to see a vet within an hour. Dr. McInnes examined my yorkie, explained what could be causing her symptoms and her advised treatment plan. Joanne then came in with a cost breakdown and range depending on what the doctor found.

Dr. McInnes called me after she was finished, explained what she found, prescribed medications, and follow-up care. When I returned to pick up my pet, the receptionist (different person by this time, but also very nice) went through what and how to administer the medications and home care for the next week, with recommendation to schedule a follow up appointment with either our regular vet or them.

Going to an emergency clinic is always stressful, time consuming and expensive. It really helps when the entire staff is so nice, calm and patient (I asked a lot of questions). I also felt their prices are very reasonable for the care and services they provided. I would definitely go back to North Peninsula VEC if my dogs need emergency care.

5 stars Verified customer

Clean waiting room, friendly staff. They took good care of our cat in the middle of the night.

5 stars Customer since 2017

Went in because my dog Zack was bleeding from his outer nail on his left paw. Unfortunately it happened when about the other clinics are have closed so I've been told of North Peninsula Emergency so I rushed him there. While the wait was a bit long, the vet staff was very polite and courteous to me and my dog. So a little time later, my dog Zack was feeling better and the vet bill was very reasonable for an emergency visit. A great 24 hour clinic when your pet is in need.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I have been in this hospital with my pets several times & I had a great service each time from the receptionist, the staff to the great vets that works in this hospital.

And I love how clean they keep their hospital.

Two weeks ago I had my little cat for 5 days hospitalized in their facility & Dr wolf & Dr Graham were just great of making her feel as good as they can.

They are both very loving.kind & compident vets.

You feel they are part of your family & you knew them forever.

There is nothing better than you & your pets to feel so safe in a hospital specially in an emergency facility.

Yesterday I had my Yorky because of a sudden problem that occurred while we were walking,so we rushed him to the hospital & we met with Dr Hoyde & she was just a lovely,compident & caring angel with our Yorky & us.

Though Dr Hoyde was extreamly busy with several pets that needed immediat help.

But when she checked my dog she was calml,precise & discussed our options with considering first the decision to be done that is best for my tiny Yorky's health & we decided with her help what to do & he is doing great

.Even with her busy day she still gave us all the time we needed to decide what to do.

Highly recomend this hospital to any pet owner that loves their pets as much as I do & needs good vets to decide in an emergency what to do to save him.

So thank you for all the vets & staff at North Peninsula for their great help & being 24/7 available for our pets.