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When our normal vet couldn't see our ill cat, off we went to NPVEC. The front desk staff was friendly and caring and I can't say enough about Dr. Hovde. She is calm and collected, warm and loving to our cat, and thoughtful in her treatment approach. Her concern for our cat was clear and at the same time, she recommended a treatment path that was phased in a way that made me feel we were taking appropriate steps yet we were not causing more stress to our poor cat than we needed to (or spending more money than we needed to). She ordered key tests first, and then once those came back, we were able to decide which further tests were recommended to understand the problem. In terms of follow-up after we left with medications in hand, Dr. Hovde was available by phone within a couple of hours (which I felt was reasonable given mine wasn't an emergency), made additional recommendations on treatment which were easy to follow and didn't require a return visit, and importantly, was kind enough to let us know when she was going to be away from the clinic for two weeks and who to connect with if our cat's health issues continued. She was also able to recommend a particular doctor at our normal pet hospital that she thought would be good with this case.

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The doctor did not put much time and effort into examination. It did not feel like a conclusive diagnosis. It felt more like a unanimous blanket diagnosis which allows the clinic to make money without investigating how to truly resolve the issue.

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Staff competent , understanding - service excellent!

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Sherry was beyond helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. We so appreciate your dedication and quick response to our needs.

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My dog was a transfer from her veterinarian after surgery. The veterinarian was worry about my dog after surgery so he transferred her to North Peninsula Vet. I did rest much easier that night knowing that my dog was being monitored all night long. North Peninsula veterinarian called me at 6:00 am to let me know my dog did well. I was happy that they felt she could go home that morning. I was very grateful to find overnight care for my dog after a rough surgery. The clinic was clean and professionally run as well l. I felt my dog was in good hands

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We really love that this clinic is available and so close to where we live. The technicians/nurses are very kind and sweet; however, the doctors/vets are not. They come off as aloof and standoffish, as if they can't understand why you're asking them questions about your pet.

The first doctor we talked to popped into our room for maybe 2 minutes. She rushed through an explanation of what our dog was going through and said that we would get an estimate for the hospitalization. Then she walked out and we literally never saw her again. She didn't bother explaining what the treatment was or asking if we understood what was going on. She just dropped some terminology, said our dog had to stay for 2 nights, and left. The technician who came by with the estimate did her best to explain what was going on and shared that we could visit our dog whenever we wanted.

We visited our dog the next day, and the nurses were incredible. You could just tell that our dog loved her, which made us feel comfortable with leaving our pet here. We had a couple of questions that the nurse didn't feel able to answer, so she asked the doctor to talk to us. This is a different doctor, and again, she just spoke with medical jargon, without checking if we understood or not. It felt like she felt this conversation was a waste of her time because she obviously knows what she's doing and we shouldn't be questioning what's going on.

Later that night, we got a call saying that they'd already spent the majority of our deposit for 2 nights in 1 and that it would cost an additional 600 - 1K to take care of our dog for the next 24 hours. No one bothered explaining where this jump in price came from, and when we asked if we could take her home, it was strongly discouraged (which we understand).

I later find out that the cost increase is because our dog was feeling worse than they originally anticipated, so they had to give her more drugs and tests to keep her feeling okay. No one told us this, until I asked about the increase in cost. I feel like this is information the doctor or nurse should've provided when we asked how our dog was doing. We should be told that she was doing worse than when we dropped her off. We should be kept up-to-date on what's happening, instead of having to push and dig for this information.

In a nutshell, the nurses are great and the doctors probably know how to do their jobs but they don't explain anything to you.

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The receptionist was very helpful and comforting, the nurse tech was knowledgeable and caring and vet did her job.

I highly recommend this clinic, the place was easy to find, clean and the only thing i would suggest is they need to work on expediting you out faster.

THANK YOU team for taking care of my furry baby boy Bobbi

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All staff and Vet very helpful and cared for my cat.

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This facility did a great job

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Excellent. If it wasn't for them, I would have lost my cat. They are fast to remedy the pain and very thorough to diagnose the situation.

It was 6 am and as soon as we walked in, they were all ready to jump on it and whisked Max, my cat off into an Oxygen tank. Phew.

If your pet stays over night, you may have a different Dr. in the morning. The transition was smooth from one Dr. to the next, nothing fell through the cracks and they were attentive in every way in checking on the details of Max's progress. Great Staff.


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Lovely people at reception. Alice is a pro. I only wish there were more transparency, like an itemized bill when I check out, including products, services and the nice $150 promo they built in. Just signing a credit card slip for $1500+ was unnerving and I still don't feel good about it.
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