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98.0% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Verified customer

The staff is kind and informative. They make you feel right at home and explain everything thoroughly. From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave you feel cared for.

5 stars Customer since 2013

awesome staff!

5 stars Customer since 2013

Another great experience at North Attleboro Dental. No long wait, thorough cleaning, friendly service, accommodating for young child. Overall a positive experience.

2 stars Verified customer

My 6 year-old daughter wasn't seen until 40 minutes after her scheduled appointment time, and no one told my husband (who brought her) that they were running behind, nor did anyone apologize. Before she went into the appointment, my husband told the hygienist that my daughter was wondering when she might lose her first tooth. During the exam, the hygienist told my daughter that he had a loose tooth, but she did not communicate this to my husband after the appointment.

3 stars Customer since 2009

I spoke with Dr. Sotelo last night at my appointment and as I explained to him, I am beating myself up for not following my own instincts. I had a molar that cracked in half...it didn't show (second to last tooth on top right) and I don't need it to chew so my instinct was to just have it removed and call it a day. I feel that I let myself be talked into having the tooth pulled and a titanium rod put in so a tooth could be built around it...most of this was done through scare tactics (intentional or not) such as "your teeth will shift" "I see other teeth around this tooth that are READY TO GO" Dr. B. and my favorite "you will get TMJ if you don't have the tooth built. First of all...I don't have the money for these expensive procedures...I went into debt to pay the $1,000 for the extraction and $1,500 for the rod....I am not going into further debt to the tune of an additional $2,500 to build the replacement tooth that I never wanted in the first place.

I finally smartened up and did my research and had another dentist do x-rays and give me a consult. This is what I found out: 1. yes your teeth will shift but only from behind the tooth so it would not result in ugly spaces between my front teeth only one tooth in the back has shifted and you cant see it. 2. The rest of my teeth are not READY TO GO yes they have fillings and I could crack a tooth on a popcorn seed but there was nothing on the x-ray to suggest that I absolutely had to fix this tooth. 3. I was assured that I will not get TMJ from one tooth being missing. My bite may change but not enough to cause TMJ. I dont know why I did not get a clear picture of the TOTAL expense (close to $5,000 when all said and done) A year ago when I still was paying down the $2,500 for the extraction and rod and I found out that it was going to be over $2,000 for the abutment and the tooth, I asked glenda to have your review my x-rays and try to figure out what Dr. B meant by other teeth were READY TO GO and come up with a plan rather than just keep throwing money at this one tooth...she said she would have you consult with Dr. B and get back to me...that never happened.

North Attleboro Dental replied:

Dear Patricia M,

I read your posted review, which I would like to address. All your concerns are being misdirected to the WRONG DENTAL OFFICE. Dr. B is not affiliated nor employed by North Attleboro Dental. Dr. B is a Board Certified dual degree doctoral Oral Surgeon, which you were referred to by North Attleboro Dental. Before your consultation was scheduled with Dr. B. (Oral Surgeon), you were informed by my office, the entire cost of an implant and an estimated restoration fee for an implant crown and abutment, which was acknowledged and signed by yourself. The first appointment that was scheduled with Dr. B (Oral Surgeon) was a consultation. From that point on, what was discussed between you and Dr. B., North Attleboro Dental has no access to, due to HIPAA Guidelines. North Attleboro Dental has no control or governors fees for a different office or provider for whatever procedure(s) you and Dr. B. discussed for your treatment.

However, the procedure(s) that you elected and consented for which was performed and completed by Dr. B (Oral Surgeon) was successful with no adverse reaction. After North Attleboro Dental received a clearance letter from Dr. B.'s office, you were contacted numerous times to complete the rest of your treatment, which you declined on several occasions knowing all possible outcomes of delaying treatment.

I will say that I strongly disagree with the opinion of the other dentist that you visited stating that teeth will only shift from the back. It is well documented in Dental Literature- once a tooth is extracted, shifting can occur from back of missing site or front of missing site or both.

It is unfortunate, that you regret the treatment that you elected to undergo at the Oral Surgeon?s Office. However, North Attleboro Dental took no part in your treatment that you received by Dr. B and his office.


Hugo Sotelo, DMD, MAGD

Master of the Academy of General Dentistry

5 stars Customer since 2009

My visit was fast and painless, and Audrey did a great job on my teeth. I have to go every 3 months for either a cleaning or periodontal maintenance due to excessive plaque build up, and the staff at North Attleboro dental do an excellent job of monitoring my oral health and taking whatever steps are necessary to ensure they stay on top of any issues.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I am totally satisfied with the work provided!

5 stars Verified customer

Me he sentido satisfecha durante los 10 aƱos que he estado atendiendome con Dr. Sotelo y su staff.

5 stars Customer since 2008

Very nice office

1 stars Verified customer

The hygienist was gentle & I was happy with my cleaning. The office staff was extremely loud & rude when I questioned an uninsured cost. I will not be returning.